HSS - Horse Show Management Software
HSS - Horse Show Management Software

HSS Update History.

Recent changes in each version of HSS software are listed below.  The most recent version is listed first.
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Recent Changes
CollapseHSS Change History
HSS  January 26, 2019   Version: 3.2019.0125
Changes and Notes
  1. Horse Editor - The owners listed in the owner drop down list the Owner's USEF number in square brackets after the address.

  2. Reporting and networking problems with IP address / DB Logon failure:
    HSS will attempt to connect to the server's data folder for reporting based on the UNC path using the IP or Server name entered in the "Change Server" screen rather than always using the Server's PC name.
    This should help with networks that cannot properly resolve the correct IP address for the server's name.
    In general it is preferred to specify the IP address of the server rather than the server's name when selecting a server.

  3. About screen
    The path to the current database location in UNC format is now shown and a button to launch file explorer added to attempt browsing to the database location.This can be useful for troubleshooting network connectivity. If it is necessary to enter network credentials (for the server) they can be entered when prompted for in File explorer.
    Make sure you provide credentials (a user ID and password defined on the server), and check-mark the "Save credentials" if prompted in file explorer.

  4. USEF validation
    Updated to resolve a change USEF made to their API that broke lookups.

  5. USEF validation
    Corrected problem where USEF reported JU rather than JR for rider type.

  6. USEF lookup / validation timeout extended from 60 to 120 seconds to handle slow USEF response on large shows during validation.

HSS  December 04, 2018   Version: 3.2018.1203
Changes and Notes

This update incorporates all changes required to meet USEF's new data services (API) effective Dec 1, 2018.  
USEF is discontinuing their old API and older versions of HSS (and other software) will no longer work with USEF as of Dec 1, 2018.

Changes in 3.2018.1203 update:
  1. Competition status analyzer – Entry details now sort by role instead of name.

  2. USEF lookups now align with the Show start date rather than current date when querying USEF for data.
    This will better coordinate membership dates at USEF with the show start date.

  3. USEF Person validate/lookup screen now includes the new “Suspension Status field” field from USEF.
    Possible USEF Details values are: "YES", "MED", "MGT", "LO", "NO". Yes is used for Exhibiting Suspensions

  4. USEF Person validate/lookup screen now includes the new “Suspension details” field from USEF.
    Possible USEF values are: "Allowed on competition grounds", "Horses can compete", "". Only displays for applicable records where Suspension Status = 'YES'

  5. Reports: "Attendees at show" report has new columns indicating the person’s roles in the show (IE: Owner, Rider, Trainer).

Changes since Dec 1, 2018:

  1. Credit card processing: Jetpay processor updated to support TLS1.2 encryption.

  2. HSS site URLs updated to use new TimeSlice and HSS site URLs for connectivity.

  3. Resolved problem where Dressage tests would not update from the "File / Update dressage tests" menu item due to new secure site access.

  4. New global report:
    New cross tab report added to Reports Explorer / Global: Hunter Division Entry counts - All Shows.
    This lists the count of non-scratched entries in each show division in each show.
    The count is based on the number of entries in the class designated as the First Over Fences class for the division.

  5. Improved search feature in Horses, Riders, Owners, Trainers grids.
    Automatically filters and searches by Horse name, Owner name, First name, Last name and USEF number.

  6. All USEF features re-written to use new USEF Web services that are effective Dec 1, 2018. 

  7. USEF Results export updated to meet USEF 2019 Results template requirements

  8. USEF lookup screens and menu/toolbar items added to launch USEF search for horses or people.

  9. USEF validation screens have additional fields and highlight colors.
    Pink indicates mismatches between USEF’s information and HSS information.
    Yellow indicates a USEF warning when a horse or person is suspended, Membership active dates are not valid for the show date, USEF Safe sport training has expired, or USEF Background check has expired.

    In horse and people editor, press the ENTER key on keyboard in the USEF number field to launch the USEF validation screen.
    HSS will look for the USEF number, or if that field is not complete will search by matching Horse name or for People editor by person’s name, city and state.

    When a search by name discovers multiple matching records, the screen will display all matches and allow you to select the horse or person to use.
    This makes it relatively easy to populate a horse or person record by searching USEF’s data using just a horse name or a person’s name and address.

  10. USEF Non member analyzer updated to use new USEF web service.

  11. USEF Section code update updated to use new USEF web service.

  12. Entry editor USEF status tab updated to use new USEF web service.
    New columns and logic added to USEF Status grid to display Membership Start / End dates, Safe sport training expiry date, and Background check expiry date.
    The expiry dates are compared to the show start and end date. Dates are considered out of range if they are not valid during the duration of the show.
    Safe sport expiry only applies to adults aged 18 and over.
    Background check expiry only applies to trainers.

  13. NEW “Chip status” field shown on Basic tab of entry editor to indicate if the horse has a microchip number or not based on USEF data.

  14. NEW USEF bulk validation rewritten to use new USEF web services.
    Bulk validation now combines all people into a single list rather than separate rider, owner, trainer lists.Validation will apply non-blank USEF information to a horse and person records for records / fields you select during validation.

    Tool tips when hovering over a cell or a row selector in the validation screen will display current information for the record versus USEF information so you can preview the differences.
    Update multiple records by selecting multiple rows, or apply single cell updates by double clicking the cell or pressing the space bar while focused on a cell.  Use the cursor up/down/left/right keys to navigate the cells from the keyboard if desired.

    Horse Height has special rules during validation:
    If the "Measured at Show" flag in a horse record is checked, USEF height will only overwrite the height if USEF has a non-blank height.
    When the measured at Show flag is not checked, the USEF height will always overwrite the horse record height even if USEF has no height recorded (IE: Blank).
    If a USEF height overwrites a measured at show height during validation, the Measured at Show flag is reset in the horse record.

  15. NEW USEF Competition Status Analyzer.
    Use this screen to review USEF information that is required for people and horses. Suspensions, Expired memberships, Safe sport training expiry,
    Background check expiry, Microchip status for horses etc.

  16. NEW “Measured at Show” checkbox added to horse records. Horse Height has special rules with respect to USEF validation.
    If the "Measured at Show" flag is set in the horse record, USEF height will only overwrite the height if USEF has a valid height.
    When the measured at Show flag is not set, the USEF height will always overwrite the horse record height even if USEF has no height recorded (IE: Blank).
    If a USEF height overwrites a measured at show height during validation, the Measured at Show flag is reset in the horse record.

  17. NEW Right click in show manager to launch USEF Validation by trainer.
    Loads the USEF Validation screen listing all people and horses related to the trainer of the selected entry.

  18. NEW Right click in show manager to launch USEF Competition Status Analyzer trainer.
    Loads the USEF Competition Status Analyzer screen listing all people and horses related to the trainer of the selected entry.

  19. NEW Online entry processing screen provides a new USEF Information grid that provides the current USEF information for each person and horse in an online entry.
    This allows you to review the important USEF credentials, expiry dates, suspension status of each entity in a submitted entry prior to accepting (or rejecting) the entry.
    The USEF info panel provides a feature to print the information and/or to print the information and the online entry form.
    The information panel highlights problem information in red. For example, missing or invalid USEF number, USEF membership dates out of date for the show date, Missing horse microchip number etc.

  20. Import of Online Entries will no longer import a horse’s height from the online entry.
HSS  July 23, 2018   Version: 3.2018.0722
Changes and Notes
  1. EC Results export:
    Resolved problem trying to export results to Equine Canada when user selected "Include classes with no entries" option.

  2. Show Manager Report right click:
    Class sheets report FEI now uses the FEI class sheets sorted by Rider instead of by Counter/Rider.

  3. Show Manager - USEF Status:
    Resolved problem where the USEF status would not turn red when an entry had multiple riders and there was a rider with USEF warnings and another without warnings.

  4. Reports - Class Sheets FEI:
    The graphic chart in the report summary is no longer included in the report to save paper.

  5. Reports - Fee Analysis:
    The graphic chart in the report summary is no longer included in the report to save paper.

HSS  July 14, 2018   Version: 3.2018.0708
Changes and Notes
  1. Class results screen:
    Prize analysis information moved to the main tab so that is easy to see the current analysis of prize money awarded, percentage of prize money paid etc.
  2. Class results screen:
    Special values for recording Eliminated, Withdrawn, and Retired have changed.
    The values are now: 99=Eliminated, 98=Retired, 97=Withdrawn

  3. Credit card processing:
    Resolved error 5040 when processing point of sale cards through Elavon due to a change made by Elavon to their API.

  4. Fee entry:
    The fee entry screen will now post quantity changes to entries even if the fee amount is $0.00. This is useful if you have fees that are intended only for the purpose of counting the quantity of the fee.

  5. Payment types:
    Added new payment type "PPD-CREDITCARD"

  6. Person editor:
    Hong Kong added as a country in the country / state picker.
    Resolved problem where Mexico states could not be saved.
    When creating a new person (Owner, Rider, Trainer), person editor defaults to creating the same person in all three roles. The user can uncheck any roles not desired.

  7. Reports: Class results reports updated to use the revised special fault codes: 99=Eliminated, 98=Retired, 97=Withdrawn

  8. Reports: FEI Jump order (8x11) and (8x14) - If a class has scratched entries, the jump order no longer skips a start position. All start positions will now increment by 1.

  9. Reports: Added new report "Payments by date and type - All shows" to reports explorer / Global.
    This report lists all payments to all non-dormant shows grouped and summarized by date and payment type.

  10. Reports: Added new report "Invoice balances by invoice to" to Reports explorer/Show/Financial.
    This report lists invoice balances grouped and summarized by the person designated as the "Invoice To" person for each entry.

  11. Reports: Added new report "Invoice balances by prize payee" to Reports explorer/Show/Financial.
    This report lists invoice balances grouped and summarized by the person designated as the "Prize Payee" person for each entry.

  12. Reports: Show Entries by Horse, Owner, Trainer reports now correctly sort and now only include "Active" status entries.

  13. Scoreboard Export:
    When exporting classes for scoreboard, the filenames are now prefixed with the date and time to better distinguish when the exports were done. This also allows you to easily sort export files by the time they were created. For example, the file name will now look like: [2018-06-19 112027]Class-1.txt and [2018-06-19 112027]Class-2.txt

  14. Show Manager / Divisions tab:
    When a division number is entered and Enter Key is pressed, the Champ Chart tool is opened instead of the older division results screen.

CollapseHSSremote Change History
HSSremote  June 04, 2018   Version: 1.2018.0604
Changes and Notes

June 4, 2018:

Compatibility update.

Prior Changes
Changes Prior to July 2018

July 8, 2018 Version 3.2018.0708

  1. Class results screen:
    Prize analysis information moved to the main tab so that is easy to see the current analysis of prize money awarded, percentage of prize money paid etc.

  2. Class results screen:
    Special values for recording Eliminated, Withdrawn, and Retired have changed.
    The values are now: 99=Eliminated, 98=Retired, 97=Withdrawn

  3. Credit card processing:
    Resolved error 5040 when processing point of sale cards through Elavon due to a change made by Elavon to their API.

  4. Fee entry:
    The fee entry screen will now post quantity changes to entries even if the fee amount is $0.00. This is useful if you have fees that are intended only for the purpose of counting the quantity of the fee.

  5. Payment types:
    Added new payment type "PPD-CREDITCARD"

  6. Person editor:
    Hong Kong added as a country in the country / state picker.
    Resolved problem where Mexico states could not be saved.
    When creating a new person (Owner, Rider, Trainer), person editor defaults to creating the same person in all three roles. The user can uncheck any roles not desired.

  7. Reports: Class results reports updated to use the revised special fault codes: 99=Eliminated, 98=Retired, 97=Withdrawn

  8. Reports: FEI Jump order (8x11) and (8x14) - If a class has scratched entries, the jump order no longer skips a start position. All start positions will now increment by 1.

  9. Reports: Added new report "Payments by date and type - All shows" to reports explorer / Global.
    This report lists all payments to all non-dormant shows grouped and summarized by date and payment type.

  10. Reports: Added new report "Invoice balances by invoice to" to Reports explorer/Show/Financial.
    This report lists invoice balances grouped and summarized by the person designated as the "Invoice To" person for each entry.

  11. Reports: Added new report "Invoice balances by prize payee" to Reports explorer/Show/Financial.
    This report lists invoice balances grouped and summarized by the person designated as the "Prize Payee" person for each entry.

  12. Reports: Show Entries by Horse, Owner, Trainer reports now correctly sort and now only include "Active" status entries.

  13. Scoreboard Export:
    When exporting classes for scoreboard, the filenames are now prefixed with the date and time to better distinguish when the exports were done. This also allows you to easily sort export files by the time they were created. For example, the file name will now look like: [2018-06-19 112027]Class-1.txt and [2018-06-19 112027]Class-2.txt

  14. Show Manager / Divisions tab:
    When a division number is entered and Enter Key is pressed, the Champ Chart tool is opened instead of the older division results screen.

May 11, 2018 Version 3.2018.0511

  1. Entry Editor:
    New payment type added "RETURNED-CHK".
    This is useful if you want to record a negative amount item in the payments grid for an entry to recorded a returned check

  2. Equine Canada:
    Updated list of EC classes, EC class types, and added support for Bronze sanction level.
    Please note that many EC classes prior to 2018 are no longer used by EC - After installing the update make sure you are using only EC 2018 class codes for any EC classes in your show.

  3. Dressage tests:
    FEI - New and revised 2018 FEI dressage tests updated.

  4. Reports:
    Class Sheets - FEI, has an updated summary with counts and charts by rider's FEI country.

  5. New report:
    "Class sheets - FEI - by rider" added. This is the same as the "Class sheets - FEI" but sorted by "Rider" rather than by "Country + Rider"

  6. New report:
    "Entry number assignment for show series" added to reports explorer in folder "Reports/Show/Entries"
    This report provides a cross tab listing the entry number and horse assigned in all shows in the database that share the same "Show series" setting.  The "Show series" is a field in each show's properties screen.
    This is useful if you are trying to use the same back number (entry number) for the same horse across a multi-week show.

  7. New report:
    "Entry number assignment for show series - exceptions" added to reports explorer in folder "Reports/Show/Entries"
    This report provides a cross tab listing any entry number where different horses are assigned to the entry number in different shows in the database that share the same "Show series" setting. The "Show series" is a field in each show's properties screen.  This is useful for any entry numbers that may be incorrectly assigned to different horses in a multi-week show where you expect to always use the same entry number for the horse in all weeks of the show.

  8. USEF Certification:

    HSS is now Platinum Certified by USEF (United States Equestrian Federation),

    And certified by USEF as a entry level 1 show software.

April 28, 2018 Version 3.2018.0428

  1. Class results:
    Internal error trap added to handle an entry in the class where no rider was specified.

  2. Dressage tests:
    All 2018 WSDAC dressage tests have been added - Introductory, Basic, Levels 1 through 4, Freestyle, and Walk/Trot.
    Use "File / Update dressage tests" to update your HSS database. Reopen your show after running the update.

  3. Reports: Class Sheets - FEI
    Records now sort on Country, then rider then horse.
    Summary of unique riders grouped by domestic / foreign now shown at end of report. The “Domestic” count is based on the country defined for the show in show properties and the FEI country specified for the rider. If they match, the rider is considered Domestic otherwise Foreign.

  4. Online entry blank forms:
    When creating blank online entry form from "HorseShowsOnline / View print online entries", the blank will now create a blank line for classes entered
    and "Emergency contact:", "Remark:", and "Stable with:" boxes are populated with the related titles.

  5. USEF Results export:
    Modified export in columns CJ through CO in the USEF export file to use blanks instead of zero as per updated USEF results export specification released by USEF April 27, 2018

  6. USEF validation:
    A problem that caused a multi-step error when USEF returned a huge list of affiliates for a person has been resolved.

  7. USEF Validation:
    A problem that caused a multi-step error when exporting USEF validation to Excel when USEF returned a huge list of affiliates for a person has been resolved.

April 13, 2018 Version 3.2018.0413

  1. AHA results export:
    AHA Export will now use the "Breed Reg No" field for breed registry number.
    If the horse's Breed Reg No field is blank, HSS will use the Assoc No of the horse for the breed registry number in the export.
    Previously HSS always used the Horse's association number field only.

  2. Rider labels:
    Minor adjustment to label layout to resolve problem with label creep / alignment on some printers.

April 3, 2018 Version 3.2018.0403

  1. Show editor:
    Resolved problem where CC Processor ID drop down would not always save the selection.

  2. Show publishing:
    Resolved problem where users that had a windows user name that included dots in the user name got a "bracketing" error when attempting to publish their show.

March 23, 2018 Version 3.2018.0323

  1. FEI Lookups:
    Updated FEI connection security to match the recently changed FEI requirement to use SSL TSL1.2 security. This resolves a problem where FEI lookups failed with a connection has been closed error.

  2. Online entry settings / Show registration:
    The default for "Payment is required" is now unchecked when creating a new show.
    The show registration wizard will no longer complain about a missing Ecommerce subscription when "Payment is required" is checked or unchecked.

  3. Reports:
    New blank judges card reports added - Judges cards - jumper - blank, Judges cards - non jumper - blank, Judges cards - open breed format - blank

March 15, 2018 Version 3.2018.0307

  1. Class results editor:

    1. Excessive prize money warning for California split classes will now only be displayed if the total awarded is double the amount defined in the prize group.
      The warning will be suppressed if the "Ignore prize money tie warnings" checkbox is checked for the class.

    2. Circuit division for each entry now displays the name of the default circuit division assigned to the class
      When overridden for an entry in the class, the circuit division is highlighted in yellow.

    3. Rider Show Age is now displayed at the end of the rider's name in class results screen and in the drop down.
      "Show age" is the rider's age in full years as of Dec 1 for the show's USEF year.
      Note that USEF show years run from Dec 1 through Nov 30 of the following year.

  2. Copy Entries:
    When copying entries from a prior show, the "Signatures valid" and "Signed In" checkboxes are reset to unchecked on the new entry.

  3. Credit card processing:
    Authorize.net processing updated to use new security protocol TLS1.2

  4. Entry editor:
    A new flag in the "Flags and Options" section in entry editor displays the source of the entry: Manually entered, Online entry, or Copied from other show.

  5. Horse editor:
    The Microchip Number field is highlighted in red when the field is empty.

  6. Online entry:
    When rejecting an online entry where a payment has been received the “Reject online entry” screen now displays information on the CC payment.
    There is no provision provided to automatically refund the amount, but this should be helpful as a warning and to assist with processing a full or partial refund.

  7. Show Editor:
    Corrected problem where some fields were not pre-populated with default values when creating a new show (EG: "Invoice To=Owner").

  8. Show manager / Fee entry popup:
    When invoking the "Fee entry by owner or trainer" from the popup menu over an entry, the fee entry editor will now stay open if you click "Apply changes" instead of closing. This allows you to stay in the fee entry screen. You can click the "Apply and close" button to save the changes and go back to show manager.

  9. Sibling classes:
    Class editor now lets you select a different prize group for sibling classes in a double/triple judged show.
    Typically this is so that you can assign prize money to the main class, and select different prize money (EG: $0.00) for each of
    the sibling classes so that prize money is only awarded for placings recorded in the main class.

    Adding a sibling class when there are already entries in the main class will now automatically enter the entries into the sibling class just added.

  10. Reports:

    1. New report "Prize List" added to Reports/Show/General folder. This report generates a prize list based on the divisions and classes in the show.

    2. New report "Jump order - simplified" added to Reports/Show/Entries folder. This reported is similar to the "Jump order" report with the logo and several columns removed.

    3. Class proofing report updated - The report will now list the prize money for each non-zero prize placing.

    4. Fee analysis report updated - When drilling down on a fee to see the list of entry details the drill down view now lists all riders associated with the entry.

    5. Class selection in reports explorer has a new button "Select classes by schedule date" to allow easy selection of classes to include in the report based on the scheduled date and/or ring.

    6. Judges Cards now allow selection of classes to print using the standard class selection grid and the new "Select classes by date/ring" selector.

February 20, 2018 Version 3.2018.0220

  1. Horses grid: New column "Chip No" added. This is used for the USEF Microchip number.

  2. Invoices:
    The results section on invoices (if enabled for the show) will now list the prize payee name, address, and partial SSN/Federal No or a warning if no SSN/Federal number has been recorded for the prize payee.

  3. Reports:
    Fees by trainer - entry comparison has new column grouping of fees by fee category, suppresses zero amounts, and lists the "Stall" field related to the entry.

  4. Reports:
    Class results report -The rider's show age is now listed instead of the obsolete "Age group" field.

  5. Reports:
    Trainer Add/Scratch form - Barn accounts are now excluded from the report.

  6. Self serve console:
    The USEF tab has been removed from the self serve console due to compatibility issues with USEF's new web site.

  7. USEF Validation:
    Added new column for Microchip number.
    You can update records that differ from USEF's information individually, or use the bulk update button to update all horses using the microchip number reported by USEF.

  8. USEF Validation:
    Corrected problem where USEF Validation would not export to Excel when USEF records had a long affiliates text for a person.

February 6, 2018 Version 3.2018.0208

  1. Resolved problem where computers with language set to French could not connect to HSO registration system.

  2. Resolved problem where computers with language set to French did not apply network share permissions during installation.

  3. Corrected problem where grid layouts could not be reset using File / HSS Program Settings / Reset grids button.

  4. Resolved performance problem opening some screens like Show manager, Classes, Owners etc where certain PCs with a non responsive drive delayed screen opening.  This may result in significantly faster access to screens on affected computers.

February 1, 2018 Version 3.2018.0131

  1. Online entry settings:
    The default USEF agreement text used when editing online entry settings has been updated to use the latest default USEF agreement text.

  2. 1099s:
    New checkbox list in the 1099 Auto-Generate screen lets you select the shows in a database to generate the 1099s for. Previously the 1099s were always based on all shows in the database.
    Dormant shows default to being un-checked.

  3. 1099 Multi-database merge tool (NEW)
    Available on the finance menu.
    This tool exports 1099s from multiple databases into a single Excel (xlsx) file.
    You can select the databases to get the 1099's from.
    When there are multiple 1099s for a payee, they will be combined into a single 1099 for the payee with the taxable amount equal to the sum of the individual 1099s for the payee.
    You should generate 1099s for each database BEFORE using the tool.
    The wizard will provide fields for the Payer information that will be applied to all the 1099s.
    1099's will only combine for a payee if ALL fields (name, ssn, address, payer information) exactly match from each database.

  4. Scoreboard import:
    Class results / Scoreboard import has new support for Hippo Data CSV file import.
    The input file is expect to be a delimited text file using semi-colons as field delimiters.
    The first row is the class number and name surrounded in quotations - this row is ignored.
    Subsequent lines in the file represent placings with the following 9 columns:
    Place; Entry number; Rider, Nothing; Horse; R1 faults; R1 time; R3 faults; R3 time; prize

January 10, 2018 Version 3.2018.0101

  1. Class results entry:
    When entering class results for a California split, Group 1 results no longer preloads all entries if there are no placings already recorded in the class.

  2. Copy entries:
    The option to "Transfer balance" when copying entries from a prior show now defaults to unchecked.

  3. Orders printing:
    Entry number now correctly printed when printing multiple orders for different entries.

  4. Horse editor:
    TIP number field (Thoroughbred Incentive Program) field widened to display all 20 characters.

  5. Reports:
    Show Analysis report now lists class entry fees and division entry fees in numerical order by class number / Division number respectively.

  6. Reports:
    1099 Misc tax forms now offers a choice of Government copy or Recipient copy.
    SSN (TIN) is always masked on Recipient copy to enforce security on SSN numbers.
    The government copy address information is formatted to match the 2017 1099 layout.

October 21, 2017 Version 3.2017.1021

Check out the new Products and Orders features in HSS (EG: Feed, bedding etc). 
Includes support for accepting online orders for products.

New features to copy entries from prior shows

New features to transfer balances from prior shows.

New email tool to quickly generate email lists.

Shows using Elavon credit card processing MUST upgrade to this version before Oct 31, 2017 to use new Elavon security features.

  1. AHA results export:
    Main title area in the export screen now displays the AHA show number instead of the USEF show number.

  2. Check printing:
    Checks will now print "*Check Fed No" on the check below the entry information if it appears the SSN (Federal Number) related to the check does not contain 9 characters excluding hyphens and spaces.

  3. Class editor:
    When assigning judges to a class, there are 3 new judge location specifications: Call, MOS2, MOS3.
    These are the respective judges for MOS scoring.

  4. Class results editor:
    Improved "Results entry"screen provides rapid input of class results, including drag and drop reordering of results.
    Immediate display of final placings as results are keyed.
    Support for entering California split results in up to 4 groups of entries.
    Key in entry numbers in the results list in the placing order and use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) key to add or remove the entry.
    Drag / drop the entries in the list to reorder if necessary.
    For California splits, select the group list and key in the entry numbers.

  5. Class results editor:
    New "Ignore placing warnings" checkbox added to suppress the warning when you specify a finish place that exceeds the number of horses in the class.

  6. Class verification:
    When inputting entry numbers in the class verification screen, you can now use the Plus key to add the entry number, and Minus key to remove the entry number. This is much faster than manually selecting an item in the lists and pressing the delete key, although the old method is still supported.

  7. Credit card processing:
    Elavon has updated the API URL and network security requirements to TLS 1.2.

    The new API url must be used as of Oct 31, 2017.

    HSS users using Elavon payment processing MUST update to this version of HSS prior to Oct 31, 2017
    The new URLs have been incorporated into HSS and can be overridden if necessary using a modified HSS.exe.config file.

  8. Entry editor:
    Coggins date and Vaccine date are now displayed on the basic info tab in entry editor.
    If vaccine or Coggins are expired or otherwise invalid these fields will be highlighted in red, otherwise they are highlighted in green.

  9. Entry editor:
    New fields display the USEF and USHJA status for the horse when you perform a USEF status lookup.

  10. Entry editor:
    New checkbox flag "Signed in / Entry picked up" to indicate if the exhibitor has picked up their back number and completed any other sign in procedures.

  11. Entry editor:
    New checkbox flag "Self checkout OK" to indicate if the exhibitor is allowed to pay and settle their account using HorseShowsOnline or other automated checkout services. (Self checkout service will be available in a future release).

  12. Export:
    Anew export feature"RyeGate export master entry list" menu has been added to the new Export menu.
    The "RyeGate export master entry list" exports the following fields to a CSV (Excel) file for all active entries in the show for use with RyeGate scoreboards: entry_number, horse_name, rider_name, blank1, blank2, owner_name, sire, dam, rider_city, rider_state
    You can directly open this file in Excel or other spreadsheet or scoreboard software.

  13. Export:
    Two new exports"SSN Export by Entry", and "SSN export by person" added to the new Export menu.
    Both export data to CSV files that can be opened in Excel.
    Export SSN by entry: This will list the entry number, entry name, payee, owner, trainer names and association Federal number for all entries in the show
    Export SSN by person: This will consolidate the payee, owner, trainer for all entries in the show into a single list of FirstName, LastName, Federal number

  14. Email Tool - New Feature:
    Available from the "Data" menu in HSS.
    Use this tool to edit email addresses for people in the database.
    Use the filter, find, group options in the tool to easily find people based on their name, address, phone etc.
    Options are available to export the filtered list of people to Excel.
    Use the selection checkboxes to create a list of email addresses you can copy and paste into an email so that you can easily send a bulk email to your exhibitors.

  15. Dressage scoring:
    Standard and collective marks now allow any value between 0 and 10 to 3 decimal places.
    The "Enter" key now behaves like pressing the "Tab" key, advancing the edit field to the next row in the grid.

  16. Fee editor: New field added "Accounting code". This field can be used for the GL account number or other accounting code used when exporting data.

  17. HSO Control panel:
    New switch added to turn on / off online ordering at HorseShowsOnline for the show.
    If you define products in the show (Feed, Bedding etc) that can be ordered online, then you can use this switch to turn that feature on and off directly without republishing the show.

  18. HSS - Main menu:
    Various associations menu items are now grouped under a main "Associations" drop down in the main HSS menu in order to better organize and simplify the menu.

  19. HSS - Main menu:
    A new "Export" menu has been added. Scoreboard export has been moved from the "Date" menu to the new "Export" menu.

  20. HSS - Import classes, fees etc:
    When importing prizes, fees, divisions, classes, you can now also import products. Products import is enabled by default.

  21. HSS:
    New item on HSO menu "Send bulletin to users following this show".
    HorseShowsOnline users can follow a show by flagging the show as a "Favourite" show.
    Use this feature to send a bulletin with information to all users that are following the show.
    The bulletin will be delivered to all users via email. Typically they will receive the bulletin within a few minutes.
    This is very useful when you need to send a notification about schedule changes or other events at the show.

  22. HSS - Copy entries from prior show:
    New feature added "Copy entries from prior show".
    This feature is available on the "Data" menu on the main HSS menu, AND on the "Actions" menu in show manager.
    Use the Copy Entries wizard to select and copy entries from a prior show in the database to the current show.
    You will select the show you want to copy entries from, and then select the entries you want to copy into the current show.
    Only entries that have not already been copied to the current show will be listed.
    The entry number assigned to the entry will default to the same entry number as the prior show.
    You can change the new entry number if desired.
    If the entry number has already been used in the current show, you must select a new unused entry number.
    When entries are copied, only the basic information and list of riders is copied. Class entries are not copied. Fees assigned to the entry will default to the global fees defined in the current show, fees from the source show are not copied to the new entry.
    You can optionally transfer any balance owing in the prior show to the new entry in the current show.
    If an outstanding balance is transferred to the new entry, a fee adjustment to zero out the prior show balance will be posted to the prior show's entry and a fee adjustment for the outstanding balance will be posted to the new entry in the current show.

  23. HSS - Transfer balances from prior shows:
    New feature added "Transfer balances from prior shows".
    This feature is available on the "Finance" menu on the main HSS menu, AND on the "Actions" menu in show manager, AND on the right click popup menu in show manager when the "Show balances" column is enabled and you right click on an entry with prior show balances.

    Use this wizard to transfer outstanding account balances from a prior show to an entry in the current show

    Step 1:
    Choose the "Target" entry in the current show that balances will be transferred to.
    The "Target entry" list will display entries in the current show that have an owner that has a balance in any prior shows.
    You may see the same amounts listed multiple times if the same owner has several entries in the show.

    Step 2:
    Next you will pick the entry (or multiple entries) from prior shows that should have their balance transferred to the target entry you picked in step 1.
    Only prior entries with the same owner you picked in step one will be listed.
    Put a checkmark in each prior entry you want to transfer.

    When the transfer is finished, you will have the option to restart the wizard to do more transfers.

  24. Invoices:
    Search filter now searches across all name columns for the text you enter. Just type in the text and the list of matching entries is listed.

  25. MOS Results: The MOS results screen has a new button "Delete all results" to delete all MOS results for the class. This removes all MOS results previously recorded for the class.

  26. Online entry:
    Improved colour highlighting of people when importing Online entries.
    "Use existing person" is Green, "Create new person" is red in both the drop down selection and the drop down list of available people to select from.

  27. Online entry:
    New setting added to enable / disabled online product ordering.
    This turns on or off the ability of exhibitors to submit orders for products (Feed, Bedding etc) at HorseShowsOnline.
    You must publish the show after changing this setting for the change to take effect at HSO.

  28. Orders - New feature:
    New feature allows processing product orders for entries. For example orders for feed, bedding and other products. This new feature provides the ability to print order forms.
    Each item on an order is a "Product". Products are defined and managed using the new "Products" feature.
    When a product on an order is shipped, a fee is added to the specified show entry for the quantity and sale amount defined for the product.

  29. Products - New feature:
    New "Products" feature allows defining products that are sold at the show. EG: Feed, Bedding etc.
    Each product is also associated with a fee category.
    You can define whether the product is available for ordering online via HorseShowsOnline.
    If enabled for online entry, exhibitors are able to submit product orders to you from HorseShowsOnline.

  30. Reports: "Show/General/Class sheets" report now lists the prize group and prize money offered for the class.

  31. Reports: "Show/General/Class sheets" report now lists the ribbon count associated with the class.

  32. Reports: "Show/General/Class sheets" horse names are now all uppercase and city/state are proper case.

  33. Reports: "Show/General/Class sheets" breed registry number is now included if known.

  34. Reports: "Show/General/Class sheets" rider association number is now included if known.

  35. Reports: "Show/General/Class sheets" owner association number is now included if known.

  36. Reports: "Show/Entries/USEF Non Member report" - New column added "NM USHJA Charges". USEF Non member charges are now split into two columns - USEF and USHJA. The total is based on the amounts billed to fees in the respective categories "USEF Non member" and "USHJA Non member".

  37. Reports: "Show/Entries/USEF Non Member by entry report" - New column added "NM USHJA Charges". USEF Non member charges are now split into two columns - USEF and USHJA. The total is based on the amounts billed to fees in the respective categories "USEF Non member" and "USHJA Non member".

  38. Reports: Added new report "Payments by date and type" to reports explorer\Show\Financial. The report lists payments grouped by payment date and payment type.

  39. Reports: "Show/Financial/Feed Bedding" report is now based solely on fees that are categorized as "FEED/BEDDING" rather than on fee codes that begin with FB, SHAVE etc..

  40. Reports: "Judges cards - Jumper". Additional pages are automatically printed if the class has more entries than can fit on one page.

  41. Reports: "Judges cards - Non Jumper". Additional pages are automatically printed if the class has more entries than can fit on one page.

  42. Reports: New folder added to reports explorer "Products and Orders".

  43. Reports: New report "Orders by entry" added. This reports lists orders for products grouped by entry number.

  44. Reports: New report "Orders by status" added. This reports lists orders grouped by order status. IE: Active, or Processed.

  45. Reports: New report "Products" added. This reports lists all products, their settings, and current stock level.

  46. Reports: New report "Product transactions by date" added. This reports lists all transactions for a product grouped by date.

  47. Reports: New report "Product transactions by entry" added. This reports lists all transactions for a product grouped by entry.

  48. Reports: "MOS Results" now lists the MOS judges defined for the class. Use the Judges tab in class editor to define the judges for the class (IE: CALL, MOS2, and MOS3)

  49. Show Manager:
    New columns added to the Entries grid: Coggins date, Vaccine date, Signed In, Age Verified, Chip No. Fields have a red background if Coggins date is too old, vaccine date too old, not signed in, age not verified.

  50. Show Manager:
    Right click popup menu has new item "Open - Product orders for entry" to let you quickly add / edit / ship / print product orders for the selected entry.

  51. Show Manager:
    Right click popup menu has new item "Quick product order" to let you quickly create and print a product order for the selected entry.

  52. Show Manager:
    Right click popup menu has new item "Product transactions for selected entry" to let you print a list of all products delivered to the selected entry grouped by product with subtotals for product quantity and amount.

  53. Show Manager:
    Search filter now searches across all name columns for the text you enter. Just type in the text and the list of matching entries is listed.
    Use the cursor up/down keys while still in the filter field to select the entry to edit. Click the enter key to open the selected entry.

  54. Show Manager:
    New item on the "Actions" menu - Copy entries from prior show.
    This feature is also available on the "Data" menu on the main HSS menu.
    See full details above on the "Copy entries from prior show" feature.

  55. Show Manager:
    New item on Action menu "Transfer balances from prior shows"
    This option is also shown on the right click popup menu when you have turned on "Show balances" and an entry has balances in prior shows.
    See full details above on the "Transfer balances from prior shows" feature.

  56. USEF Validation: New button added to allow exporting the list of people or horses to Excel.

  57. USEF Validation: Dark red background for unknown people / horses changed to light blue to improve legibility.

June 28, 2017 Version 3.2017.0628

  1. AHA results export: AHA export will now use the AHA no. value in a rider's record if provided, otherwise it will use the Association No. field.

  2. Champ Chart Tool: Resolved problem where the TopN field was not visible on displays with font setting set to a high (150%) magnification.

  3. Entry editor: USEF status check will now highlight in red owner, rider, trainer if the USHJA status from usef indicates "Charge Non Member Fee".

  4. Reports: Stall usage by stable with trainer line height reduced by truncating the horse/owner text on each row. This reduces the length of the report by about 30%.

  5. Reports: Added new report "Payments by trainer" to reports explorer\Show\Financial. The report lists payments grouped by trainer and payment type.

  6. Online add/scratch: Resolved problem where an add scratch request could not be processed if the rider's age group was null.

  7. USEF Lookup - People: The ASHA number if known to USEF will now import into the ASHA field in people records when merging / replacing data using the
    USEF lookup feature in people editor.

  8. USEF Lookup - Horses: The breed registry number, if known to USEF, will now import into the Breed Reg No field in horse editor when merging data using the USEF lookup feature in horse editor.

June 2, 2017 Version 3.2017.0601

  1. Cheval Quebec: 
    HSS has a new results export feature available to export class results in Cheval Quebec format.

    The new export is available by clicking "Cheval Quebec" on the main HSS menu.
    The wizard provides the usual class selection and filtering options.

    A feature to convert show division names to Cheval Quebec results division names is provided.
    The default cross reference is built in, however the user can also specify a different cross reference file if desired.

    The cross reference file must meet the following specifications:

Two columns in the spreadsheet.

The first column is the division name to convert from (the division name used in the show), the second column is the division name to use in the Cheval Quebec export file.

The first row must be a column header row - IE: just the name of the column.
EG: ShowDivisionName and ExportDivisionName

The file should be in TAB delimited TEXT format. This is easily created with Microsoft Excel.

When saving your cross reference file from an Excel spreadsheet, pick TAB delimited format in Excel as the file type you are saving your spreadsheet to.

  1. Class editor: Prize group drop down now supports incremental search based on the prize group name

  2. Division Editor: Class defaults tab / Prize group drop down now supports incremental search based on the prize group name

  3. Dressage Tests: New WDAA dressage tests available. Update your database using File / Update dressage tests.

  4. Equine Canada: EC Export is now more permissive of horse names that have trailing blanks in EC's data that previously were flagged as mismatched horse or person name.

  5. Horse editor: USEF lookup will populate the FEI Passport number if that information is provided by USEF. This will also populate the FEI NF field with the horse's USEF number.

  6. Reports: New report added "Reports\Show\Financial\Payments by entry". This report lists payments grouped by entry and payment type and sorted by date.

  7. Reports: Rider labels are now output for all entries (except Barn accounts) even if the entry is not entered in any classes.

  8. USEF results export: The "Assoc No" field is now output in the USEF export file for Owner, Rider, Trainer in the "Affiliate No" columns IF the association is numeric.

May 27, 2017 Version 3.2017.0520

  1. Database: A problem where the database was not properly updating to the current DBrev (see DBrev number in Help/About) when creating a new folder has been resolved.

  2. Division editor: The name of the division is displayed in the window title so you can easily see which division you are working on.

  3. Champ Chart tool:
    New option "Do not print column totals" can be used to print a champ chart useful for announcers / judges where the division has not yet finished. Points totals will not be printed so that they can be written in.

    TopN determination modified to better handle ties.

    When blank rows are specified, the blank rows continue at the bottom of the chart rather than starting on a new page.

  4. Reports: "Judges cards - jumper" problem where prize total and ribbon count were not shown is resolved.

  5. Reports: "Rider labels"- Rider labels now list the rider and their classes for each entry and the trainer.

  6. Reports: Division Champ Chart (blank). A button has been added to let you use the Champ Chart Tool instead - The champ chart tool provides features to populate a champ chart and may be a better choice.

  7. System: HSS installer installs some security certificates that are missing in Windows 10 Build 1607.

May 7, 2017 Version 3.2017.0507

  1. ASHA Results export: New option to exclude scratched entries (on by default) allows exclusion of entries that are flagged as scratched. The class entry count will also exclude scratched entries when this option is checked.

  2. Class results: Scoreboard import now ensures times are rounded to 3 decimal places.

  3. Class editor: A new checkbox "Bonus points" has been added.
    Bonus points is used by the champ chart tool when computing division results to determine if the class should get standard points or bonus points.

  4. Class editor: A new tab has been added "Online entry settings"
    Settings on this tab let you control specific behaviours for the class when exhibitors submit an online entry to your show.
    "Checkbox - Allow exhibitors to select this entry during online entry". If not checked the class will not be listed during online entry.
    You can specify that a specific association (EG: USEF, ASHA, THJA etc.) number is required to enter the class, and which entities require the number - IE: Owner, Rider, Trainer.
    If you specify that an association number is required, then HorseShowsOnline will force the user to provide the appropriate association number before they can submit the entry.
    This provides finer control over requiring association numbers than forcing the requirement for the entire show.

  5. Division Champ Chart Tool:
    A new feature provides the ability to compute division results.
    The champ chart tool is accessible from the Divisions tab in show manager. Select a division and click the "Champ Chart" button.
    You can also launch the champ chart tool from the "Division champ chart" item on the main menu in Show Manager
    HSS will compute the division results (Champion and Reserve) for the division based on points.

    A screen cast demonstrating how to use the Champ Chart tool is available at:
    Champ Chart Video

    The champ chart tool lists and flags as included all classes within the division.
    Model classes defined for the show are also listed so that you can manually include a model class(es) in the computation if desired.
    If a model class is defined for the division it is automatically selected for inclusion.
    Checkboxes for each class in the division allow you to exclude/include a class.
    Checkboxes for each class allow you to indicate if Bonus points should be used for the class. The checkbox defaults to the "Bonus Points" setting in the class record.
    Default points values can be overridden if necessary.
    Default points are the USEF standard 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, .5
    Default Bonus points default to: 15, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1

    When computing points, HSS adds the number of points in Over fences classes.
    Under Saddle, and Model points are added to the entry's over fences points if the entry is within the top N (default 4) ranking of over fences classes.
    In order for an entry's total points to include Under saddle and Model points, the entry must rank within the "Top N" (typically 4) over fences points within the division.
    A setting is provided so that you can change the Top N value for unique situations. For example, for California split divisions, you may want to change the TopN value to 8.

    A setting is provided for California Split champ / reserve placing.
    When this is enabled, HSS will compute a minimum of 2 champions and 2 reserves in the division.
    When there are ties for champ / reserve, HSS will attempt to break the tie based on the entry's Over fences points.
    Champ and Reserve are determined based on total points.
    When a tie occurs, HSS will look at the separate subtotal of just Over fences classes for the tied entries to break the tie if possible.

  6. Division Editor: New button "Class proofing report" generates the class proofing report. The report lists all the classes in the division along with the class settings.

  7. Division Fees: A new "Billing mode" drop down in division editor defines how division and class entry fees are charged for the division and the classes within the division.
    The billing mode options are:
    - Charge the division fee if ALL classes in the division are entered, otherwise charge the individual class entry fees.
    - Always charge the division fee if ANY classes in the division are entered, and NEVER charge the individual class entry fees.

  8. Divisions Grid: A new column added "Billing" indicates the billing mode in effect for the division and its classes.

  9. Dressage scoring: Artistic marks now allow 0.1 increments rather than 0.5 increments to support changes by FEI in some artistic tests.

  10. Dressage tests: Added new EC, Cadora, and FEI dressage tests.

  11. Entry Editor: Class results tab - Circuit division column now allows input / selection of circuit division by keyboard input as well as drop down list.

  12. Horse records: New fields added "Remarks", and "Assoc. Note". The "Assoc. Note" field is useful for recording things like USEF JAS date or other membership related notes.

  13. Online Entry Printing: Resolved problem where a blank online entry OR an entry blank for an entry that was not an online entry could not be printed if there was no show logo included in the online entry settings for a show.

  14. Online Entry Settings: Added new tab "Class Settings". A checkbox for each class allows setting whether the class is visible or not during online entry.

  15. Invoices: Fee codes are now hidden except for automatic fees (IE: *Division entry fee, *Class entry fee, *Nomination fee).

  16. People records: New fields added "Remarks", and "Assoc. Note". The "Assoc. Note" field is useful for recording things like USEF JAS date or other membership related notes.

  17. Ring Scheduler: The header area of each Day/Ring now displays the start time in addition to the date and ring name.

  18. Ring Scheduler: When printing class sheets from ring scheduler, Classes to print can now be selected by scheduled date AND scheduled ring.

  19. Reports Explorer - Ring Schedule: A new option in Reports Explorer / Schedules / Ring Schedule “Hide Entry Counts”. When checked, the ring schedule will not print the number of entries per class or any of the summarized entry counts (IE: Under saddle counts etc.).

  20. Reports: Class results (Compact) now includes a points column.
    Points column is the points value computed based on placing.
    The points value is computed using standard points values: 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, 0.5
    For classes flagged as Bonus points, the points values are: 15, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1
    Points are only computed for placings 1 through 6.
    The points factor defined in the class record will be included in the points calculation.

  21. Reports: "Entries - horse owner trainer rider" report now includes the Breed and Breed Registry Number (if known).

  22. Reports: "Jump order" report has a new column "Fence Height" which lists the fence height if one has been specified for the entry in the class results screen.  Typically this indicates the entry is using a different fence height than the default fence height defined for the class.

  23. Reports: New report "Unscheduled Classes" lists classes that have not been scheduled in ring scheduler. The report is available from Ring Scheduler or from Reports explorer in folder Show\Schedules.

  24. Scoreboard export: Classes can now be selected by scheduled date AND scheduled ring in the Data/Scoreboard export screen.

  25. Show manager: Show manager will now remember your setting for the "Auto load USEF status when opening an entry" checkbox.

  26. USEF Non Member Fee Analyzer: The analyzer will now display a person's Remarks and Association Notes fields.

January 27, 2017 Version 3.2017.0127

  1. USEF Non Member Fee Analyzer: Improved recognition of USHJA non members and improved list filters.

January 25, 2017 Version 3.2017.0125

  1. Equine Canada: Internal EC web service references updated for compatibility with Jan 2017 Equine Canada web service update.

  2. Entry editor: Icon on the "Scratch" button changed to a trash bin image.

  3. Fees: A new fee category has been added "USHJA NONMEMBER". Use this to properly category USHJA non member fees that you charge.

  4. USEF Non Member Fee Analyzer:
    A new tool has been added to the USEF menu. The non member fee analyzer will help you review the USEF and USHJA non member fees that you are required to charge for. The analyzer acquires the current "Charge non member fee" information from the USEF web service based on the USEF numbers recorded for all the owners, riders, trainers related to each entry in the show. A comparison is provided with exports to Excel and PDF.

    It is important to understand that a person may be related to multiple entries, but you should only charge the fee(s) once per person, and NOT for each entry. The tool should be used only for comparing USEF against what you have charged. DO NOT assume you have to charge for each entry. Your mission is to ensure the TOTAL overall fees you have charged equal what USEF expects.

January 21, 2017 Version 3.2017.0121

  1. Authorize.net: Swiped cards now remove embedded spaces when sending to Authorize.net to resolve a problem they have with some cards that have spaces included in the card data.

  2. Credit cards: Point of sale credit card receipts for JetPay and Authorize.net will now mask most digits in the credit card number on the receipt.

  3. Entry editor: Adding a new Barn account entry, or changing an existing entry to a barn account no longer appends SCR to the entry name.

  4. Entry editor: Update & Prompt now correctly resets the USEF status flags when the new entry is loaded.

  5. Horse editor: Horse vaccination date now defaults to Jan 1,1900 instead of the current date.

  6. Reports: New report "Show / Entries / USEF Non Member By Entry". This reports lists all people that may be considered as non-members, grouped by entry number. Report filters allow selecting the USEF number suffixes to include in the report (EG: JAS, Foreign etc).

December 1, 2016 Version 3.2016.1201

  1. ASHA Export: The HorseRegNo field in the export will use the horse's "Assoc No" field if the horse's "Breed Reg No." field is blank. Single quotes are no longer removed from fields.

  2. Class editor: New checkbox field "Age verify" added to indicate if horses in the class must be age verified.

  3. Class results editor: The circuit division column now allows text entry and auto lookup in the drop down - just type the circuit division number.
    You can also clear the current selection by simply deleting the current selection.

  4. Class results editor: A new "Bulk operations" menu added that has options to reset the USEF section and the Circuit division field for all entries in the class.

  5. Division editor: Setting jumper table default in class defaults now allows full 20 characters.

  6. Dressage tests: TWDAA 2013 – Test level 1, Test 1, WDAA 2013 – Test level 1, Test 2

  7. Entry editor: USEF status now resets when using "Update & Prompt" and "Update & New".

  8. Entry editor: New payment type "TRANSFER" added in the payments tab.

  9. Entry editor: When an entry is scratched using the Scratch Entry button, if the entry is removed from all classes, the entry name will have SCR and the date of scratch appended to the entry name.

  10. Entry form printing: NEW - Use the "View entry form" from the HSO menu to print entry forms for any entry in the show. An option is also available to print a blank entry form.
    The entry form is created based on the online entry settings defined for the show. Make sure you define your online entry settings to use this feature properly.
    The forms that are printed are created on the fly for entries that are manual entries (IE: Not online entries) using the information currently in the entry record.
    Entries that were received online will print the online entry form originally submitted by the exhibitor.

  11. Help menu: New option "Send files to HSS technical support" opens a web browser and connects to the TimeSlice / HorseShowsOnline file upload system.  Use this feature to send large files (like HSS database backup files) to our technical support department.

  12. Horse editor: When creating a new horse record, the Measurement date now defaults to Jan 1, 1900 instead of the current date

  13. Horse editor: New Chip Number field added

  14. Horse editor: New Age Verified checkbox field added beside DOB field. The checkbox is checked when doing a USEF lookup if the USHJA USEF data contains "AGE VERIFIED"

  15. Horse editor: The DOB field is highlighted in red if the Age verified checkbox is not checked.

  16. Horse editor: USEF Microchip number (if available) is copied into horse record "Chip No" field when using the Merge feature in the USEF lookup function.

  17. Horse editor: USEF Lookup - Imports chip number if provided by USEF, Looks for any occurrence of "USHJA REGISTERED" to determine horse is USHJA registered in case other information is also in the USHJA field from USEF.

  18. Invoices: In the payments listed on the invoice, the name of the person making the payment is now included within square brackets.

  19. Online entry settings: A new button lets you print the online entry settings grid in the "Fee settings" tab.

  20. Reports explorer: Date range for Class labels and Ring schedule now defaults to the end of the show instead of show start date + 7 days.

  21. Reports explorer: New report added Show\Entries\Stall Billing By Stable With. Same as the Stall Billing report but grouped by stable with trainer instead of trainer.

  22. USEF results export: New USEF 2017 results export implemented. The new format is effective Dec 1, 2016 at USEF

  23. USEF numbers: As of Dec 1, 2016 USEF requires a code if no USEF number is provided. The USEF suffix dropdown beside the USEF number field has been updated with the new codes from USEF:
    "JAS" - joined at show
    "SP" - paid show Pass fee
    "F" - Foreign
    "EC" – Equine Canada members
    "EX" - If the competitor is in a class that is EXEMPT from a SHOW PASS fee and they are not required to be a member or have a USEF number, e.g. Opportunity, Leadline, Walk Trot

    Existing horse and people records will have their USEF Suffix data update to the new codes.
    Any JAS+USEF etc will become JAS, Opportunity and Leadline become EXEMPT, people with an EC number becom EC, Foreign letter become F, NM becomes SP

  24. Show editor: New fields on the options tab allow you to set the description of Nomination Fee 1 and Nomination fee 2

  25. Show manager: Entry forms can now be printed for any entry, not just online entries. Right clicking an entry and pick "View entry form" from the popup menu.

  26. USEF Validation: Looks for any occurrence of "USHJA REGISTERED" to determine horse is USHJA registered in case other information is also in the USHJA field from USEF

  27. USEF: Section code update now includes current and future year section codes. This ensures that all known section codes are included when using the USEF / Update section codes feature.

September 3, 2016 Version 3.2016.0901


If you get an error about a missing component when attempting to install this update, use the Windows "add/remove programs" in Windows 7 or "Uninstall Application" in Programs and Features in Windows 10 to uninstall the old version of HSS from your computer. Run the new HSS installer to install the new version after uninstalling the prior version.

Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported. 
You need to be running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

  1. Help Menu: All items are enabled on the help menu in main HSS menu even if a show is not open.

  2. Remote support: Help / Get remote support now always launches in Internet Explorer to improve connection reliability.

  3. System: Communication system upgraded to framework 4.5.2, TLS 1.2 to support credit card security mandated by PCI credit card industry requirements.

  4. System: Support for Windows XP and earlier Windows platforms dropped. Supported platforms are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

  5. System: Installer updated to resolve problem installing updated versions over prior versions. This will take effect for releases after 3.2016.0901

  6. USEF Results export: The value exported to USEF for "Horse Registration/Breed Affiliate Number" (Column X in the universal USEF results template) is now populated with the "Breed Reg No." field from a horse's record. If that field is blank HSS will use the "Association Number" field in the horse's record. The "Breed Reg No" field takes precedence if both are populated.

August 25, 2016 Version 3.2016.0825

  1. Class editor: New class restrictions added to incorporate "AD" (Adult amateur).

  2. Class results editor: Rider type ( AM, JR, PRO etc) is now included at the end of each rider's name.

  3. Divisions grid: New column "Entry Count" added - lists the total number of entries in all classes in the division.

  4. Divisions grid: New column "Result Count" added - lists the total number of Division results recorded for the division (IE: Champ / Reserve).

  5. Divisions grid: Entry count column and Entry Fee column are now highlighted in red when the value in the column is 0 or $0.00.

  6. Divisions grid: Result Count is highlighted in red when the value in the column is 0.

  7. Division results: Pressing C or R in the placing column will select Champion or Reserve

  8. Division results: Riders list in the driver drop down are now restricted to only those riders that were actually riding in a class in the division instead of all possible riders for the entry.

  9. Division results: When selecting champ/reserve, the first rider for the entry is automatically selected if no rider is manually chosen from the entry's list of riders.

  10. Credit card processing: Authorize.net support added for point of Sale processing (ie: manual entry / swiping).

  11. Credit card processing: New button on the "Payment processing" tab of show editor to allow testing credit card settings. Use this to easily validate your credit card processor settings for point of sale credit cards.

  12. Entry Editor: Class restriction warnings updated to recognize new AD rider type and combinations.

  13. Entry Editor: New button "Scratch Entry" added to main command bar. Scratch Entry removes the entry from all classes where the entry doesn't have a placing.

  14. Entry Editor: USEF Status check now highlights owner, trainer, horse, rider fields in entry editor and the USEF Status tab when USEF exceptions are detected.
    USEF Status check can be automatically run immediately when an entry is opened using the new checkbox in show manager on the entries tab.
    If the entry is removed from all classes, the quantity for all fees in category "USEF NONMEMBER" and "DRUG" is reset to zero (Effectively removing the fee amount for those fees).
    If the entry cannot be removed from all classes (IE: If the entry has results recorded), the fees are not adjusted. The user is prompted to confirm the scratch in either case.

  15. Entry Editor: If the "Barn Account" checkbox for an entry is checked, the entry is removed from all classes and fees for "USEF MEMBERSHIP" and "DRUG" category fees are reset to zero.
    If the entry cannot be removed from all classes (IE: If the entry has results recorded), the fees are not adjusted. The user is prompted to confirm they want to perform this action.

  16. Horse editor: EC Passport number will now allow alpha-numeric horse passport number.

  17. People Editor: A new riders status "AD" denoting adult amateur has been added.

  18. Ring Scheduler: When printing class sheets for the day from ring scheduler, a new popup will allow selection of the classes to include.
    This is useful when the user only wants to print class sheets for some of the classes in the selected day.

  19. Show manager: Divisions grid new column "Entry Count" displays number of class entries in the division.

  20. Show manager: Divisions grid defaults to only showing divisions that have entries in classes. A new checkbox allows overriding this and displaying all divisions.

  21. Show manager: Divisions grid highlights champ / reserve columns in red where no result have been recorded.

  22. Show manager: Division results entry now enforces selecting a rider when recording champ and reserve.
    If you record a division result you must also specify the rider for the result.
    The riders listed in the drop down are the riders associated with the entry in any classes in the division they are entered in.

  23. Show manager: New checkbox on Entries tab turns "USEF Auto Status" on / off.
    When On (checked) the USEF status of riders, owner, trainer, horse will be checked when an entry is opened.

July 15, 2016 Version 3.2016.0715

  1. ASHA Results export: Export to ASHA now includes the rider name and rider ASHA number (if entered).

  2. Dressage: New ADS driving tests added. These can also be imported into prior versions of HSS using File / Update dressage tests from the main HSS menu.

  3. Dressage: New field added to Dressage Scoring screen to allow input of manual Scoring Percentage Reduction values for each judge.
    This percentage value gets subtracted from the percentage that is normally computed and can be used to apply special adjustments that are required for certain dressage tests.

  4. Dressage: Dressage scoring screen navigation and display improved with new features. New button to reset all marks for a judge. New button to save and print the score sheet.

  5. Fee editor: New update option allows you to update the fee amount in ALL show entries with the new fee amount without changing the current fee quantity in show entries.

  6. Horse editor: New field "Vaccination date" added to horse records.

  7. Online entries: Payee "Federal Number" (SSN) is now imported if provided with the online entry.

  8. Online entries: The contact information for a show entry is now populated with the person submitting the online entry instead of always using the owner information.

  9. Owners grid edit: Permanent flag can now be edited

  10. Reports: Ring schedule now wraps text in the class description when the class description will not fit on a single line.

  11. Reports: Veterinary report now includes vaccination date and exception checking. Vaccination dates must be within 6 months of the current date and must not expire during the show.

  12. Reports: New report "Suspect Payee Tax Numbers By Show Year" added to Global folder in reports explorer.
    This report lists all payees that have a missing or possibly invalid Federal Number (SSN) along with a summary of prize amounts summarized by show year and sub grouped by show.

  13. Riders grid edit: Permanent flag can now be edited

  14. Trainers grid edit: Permanent flag can now be edited

May 15, 2016 Version 3.2016.0511

  1. Data purge: When purging owners, riders, trainers, permanent flagged people are excluded from the purge unless you specifically include permanent people in the purge.

  2. Dressage: New tests added – USDF 2015 Introductory levels A, B, C.

  3. Dressage: FEI 2016 tests added.

  4. Entry editor: The caption at top of entry editor now includes the owner name and address information in addition to entry number, name and show name.

  5. Fee editor: New fee category added "Feed/Bedding".

  6. Horse editor: New field added to record measurement date

  7. Horse editor: Measurement card field is highlighted in pink if missing

  8. Horse editor: Measurement date field is highlighted in pink if the date is greater than 365 days in the past.

  9. HSO Control Panel: Resolved problem where the Enable/Disable online entry button was sometimes disabled.

  10. Owner Rider Trainer grids: The grids now display the "Permanent" status of people records.

  11. People Editor: A new checkbox "Permanent" added to allow flagging a person as a permanent record. Permanent records are excluded when purging old records.

  12. Reports: New report added "Class Prize Money Entry Percentages". This report lists each class, prize money total, awarded and percentage of entries that received prize money. Scratched entries are excluded. This is useful for ensuring you are paying prize money to at least 25% of entries as per USEF rules.

  13. Reports: Class results report - USEF Derby Section column lists the description as well as section code.

  14. Reports: Class sheets - Horse TIP number is now listed if known.

  15. Reports: New report added "Class Entry Completion Order". This report lists the order entries entered the ring based on the time of status change recorded at the ingate using HSSremote.

  16. Reports: New report added "Class Entry Completion Order By Ring". This report lists the order entries in multiple classes entered the ring based on the time of status change recorded at the ingate using HSSremote. This groups all selected classes within each Date/Ring to provide an overall view of actual activity in the ring.

  17. Reports: New report added "Fee usage by stable with". This cross tab report summarizes "Feed/Bedding" amounts for each entry grouped by stable with trainer.

  18. Reports: New report added "Fee usage by stable with - summary". This cross tab report summarizes "Feed/Bedding" amounts for each stable with trainer.

  19. Reports: Measurement validation report now lists the measurement date. Horses are listed if they do not have a height recorded, or the measurement date is missing or for horses under 8 years of age the measurement date is more than 365 days ago.

  20. Reports: Ring schedule now switches back to am from pm if a class in the schedule runs past midnight.

  21. Results export: New menu item ASHA / Export ASHA results added to export class results to CSV file using ASHA results format.

April 7, 2016 Version 3.2016.0406

  1. Class editor: New flag indicates if the class is an FEI class.

  2. Class editor: New field “FEI Event ID” added. For FEI classes this identifies the FEI event ID associated with the class. The FEI event ID is assigned by FEI and may be selected by clicking the search button. HSS will present a list of FEI event IDs for the show using the FEI Show Number set in the show’s properties. The FEI event ID is used when generating and submitting results to FEI.

  3. Class editor: Jumper table field extended from 5 characters to 20 to allow longer table codes.

  4. Class editor: New field “Rule” added to record rule / article in effect for the class.

  5. Class editor: New “Rider type restriction” option added “NOTPRO”. When adding an entry into a class that is NOTPRO where the rider is a PRO will generate a warning message in show manager / Entry editor.

  6. Class import: Classes imported from a prior show are imported with “Go Order Ready” reset to unchecked.

  7. Classes: A new item on them main HSS data menu “Reset order of go – all classes” will uncheck the “Order of go ready” checkbox for all classes in the show.

  8. Class results: New checkbox column added “FEI WC Nominated”. For FEI classes, this allows you to indicate if this entry is FEI World Cup Nominated.

  9. Class results: New section “Prize analysis” on the “Class and Prize settings” tab displays the breakdown of prize money – No of entries (excluding scratches), Count of entries that won money, Percentage of entries that won money, Total prize money awarded.

  10. Credit card screen: Manual input of card information has improved ability to input month and year via keyboard or dropdown.

  11. Fee editor: New options added to control how a change in the fee affects existing entries.
    The new options are: Do not update existing entries, Update all entries, Only update existing entries where the quantity and amount are the same as the prior quantity / amount of the fee.

  12. FEI Results export: New option to export class results in FEI format for FEI classes. The export is available on the new FEI menu.

  13. Class results are exported to multiple Excel work sheet files (.xlsx) conforming to the Excel layout required by FEI depending on the discipline. Jumper and Dressage classes have a different layout. The export file format will be based on the class type specified in the class record (IE: Dressage or Jumper).

  14. Horse editor: New FEI search button looks up the horse’s data on FEI web service database. Data can be copied into the horse record.

  15. Horse editor: USEF lookup now returns the Sire / Dam names if known by USEF. Merging the USEF data into the HSS record will merge Sire/Dam names into the record.

  16. Horse editor: New checkbox “USHJA Registered” added. This checkbox will also be automatically checked/unchecked when merging data from a USEF lookup.

  17. Online entry: Importing horse data from an online entry to an existing horse record will now only update information that is missing in the local horse record rather than always overwriting the local horse record with the online entry data. For example, the horse height will only be updated if there is no height already recorded in the horse record.
    Online entry: The “Accept Entry” screen has a new column “Roles” for each person on the online entry. This displays the person’s role in the online entry. Possible values include: P, O, R, and T for Payee, Owner, Rider, Trainer or Stable with Trainer.

  18. Online entry: People imported from an online entry are created in the roles required by the online entry (IE: Owner, Rider, Trainer) rather than in all roles always.

  19. Online entry: Riders are imported to the entry record even if they are not entered in any classes in the online entry. Previously only riders entered in classes were added to the entry.

  20. Person editor: New FEI search button looks up the person’s data on FEI web service database. Data can be copied into the person record.

  21. Payment Entry: The payment entry screen provides ability to add / remove entries to apply payment by entry number. Plus and Minus (+ / -) keys can be used to add or remove the entered entry number from the payment list. The Enter key also acts like the Plus key.

  22. Rider Labels: The horse name now uses the “Entry Alias” rather than the actual horse name.

  23. Reports explorer: New report “Jump Order – FEI (8x14)” – Creates a jump order report including country information. The report is formatted on a legal size page. The country flag will be displayed if known for the Rider based on the “Competing For” field in the rider’s record.

  24. Reports explorer: New report “Jump Order – FEI (8x11)” – Creates a jump order report including country information. The report is formatted on a letter size page. The country flag will be displayed if known for the Rider based on the “Competing For” field in the rider’s record.

  25. Reports explorer: New report “Class sheets - FEI” – Creates a class sheet listing riders and associated horses in each class, including FEI numbers and country the rider is competing for.

  26. Reports: “Show Analysis” and “Show Analysis Summarized” display the year of the show along with the show name. The show year is based on the show start date.

  27. Reports: New report added “USHJA Registration Status”. This report lists all active entries in the show grouped by the horse’s USHJA registration status.

  28. Reports: Trainer Add/Scratch form now lists riders not entered in any classes in addition to riders entered in classes.

  29. Reports: Check Reconcile Report includes payee address information.

  30. Reports: Ring schedule flags Model classes and excludes the count of entries in model classes from the Regular and Active entry totals for the ring/day.

  31. Show Manager: Printing report “Class sheets – compact” when right clicking a class in show manager now sorts the entries by entry number.

  32. Show Manager: New report “Jump Order - FEI” added to right click popup menu for classes to generate FEI jump order report

  33. Show Manager: New report “Class sheet - FEI” added to right click popup menu for classes to generate FEI class sheet report.

  34. Show Manager: When closing class results screen, focus is set to the class number field in show manager rather than the class list grid

  35. Show Manager: When closing division results screen, focus is set to the division number field in show manager rather than the division list grid.

  36. Show properties: Added new field “Show Series”. This field allows you to identify shows in a multi: show series by entering the same show series value in each show in the series. This setting will allow HorseShowsOnline and future reports to be based on a set of shows (EG: Multi-week shows).

  37. Show properties: New FEI user ID and password fields added on “Governing Organization” tab to allow FEI web service access for horse and person lookups. You must apply to FEI to gain access to FEI web services. Contact FEI atusersupport@fei.org

  38. Show properties: Online entry settings / required fields settings.
    The field “OEF number” is now referred to as “PTSO/OEF number”.
    PTSO = “Provincial Territorial Sport Organization”, OEF = “Ontario Equine Federation”.

  39. USEF Validation: New column added to display USHJA registered (Yes/No) for horses. This field can be updated based on the value returned by USEF.

  40. USEF Validation: Horses - New buttons “Clear height” and “Apply USEF height” are available when validating horses. These buttons clear or apply the horse height as provided by USEF’s database to ALL horses in the list. This makes horse height validation very fast and efficient.

  41. USEF Validation: Horses - New buttons Apply USEF DOB, Apply USEF Color, Apply USEF Sex, are available when validating horses. These buttons apply the corresponding information from USEF’s database to ALL horses in the list.

  42. USEF Validation: People - New buttons Apply USEF DOB, Apply USEF Am/Jr/Pro, are available when validating people. These buttons apply the corresponding information from USEF’s database to ALL people in the list when data is available from USEF for the field.

Oct 1,  2015 Version 3.2015.1001

  1. Credit cards: Support added for point of sale processing for JetPay in addition to Virtual Merchant.

  2. Reports: New report added to Reports\Global\Trainer Points (standard points) - all shows.

  3. Reports: Attendees by Category and Association Number report now lists all association numbers for each person.

  4. Reports: Ring schedule entry counts no longer shows decimal places.

  5. Reports: "Stall usage by stable with" report only lists Active entries, and has narrower columns so more fit per page

  6. Reports: "Stall usage by stable with - Summary" added to provide a short report with totals for each stall type for each stable with trainer.

  7. Reports: "Stalls by trainer" and "Stalls by Stable with trainer" - New option to include / exclude phone and email for trainer on report.

  8. Show manager: When clicking the Classes or Divisions tabs, focus is set to the class number or division number textbox.

June 7, 2015 Version 3.2015.0607

  1. Online add/scratch: The rider type (IE: Am, JR, Pro) information is now displayed with the rider information on the Accept / Reject screen.

  2. Entries: New tax exempt checkboxes allow you to specify the entry is exempt from Tax1 and/or Tax2 charges. When exempt no tax is charged.

  3. Scoreboard export: First names that are just a period are now converted to an empty first name (IE: the period is stripped)

  4. Check printing: New option to choose the order of the Payable To and Amount in words lines. Default is swapped, which makes the Payable to name be printed above the amount in words line.

  5. Class editor:
    New field "Points multiplier". This allows you to specify a multiplier that will be used to adjust points for this class.
    When points are computed, the regular points for a class's results as defined in the circuit division for the class are multiplied by the points factor.
    Normally the Points multiplier should be 1 to use the standard points values defined in the circuit division
    For 1/2 points classes you would use 0.5 or for double points classes use 2.0 etc.

  6. Class results editor: Corrected problem where sorting by the StartPos column failed when the number of entries in a class exceeded 99.

  7. Class results editor: New report added "Class results - Fast print". This report immediately sends the class results report to the default printer as quickly as possible.

  8. Division editor:
    New field "Points multiplier". This allows you to specify a multiplier that will be used to adjust points for this division for champ and reserve placings.
    When points are computed, the regular points for a division's champ/reserve results as defined in the circuit division for the division are multiplied by the points factor.
    Normally the Points multiplier should be 1 to use the standard points values defined in the circuit division
    For 1/2 points divisions you would use 0.5 or for double points divisions use 2.0 etc.

  9. Entry editor: Resolved rare problem where horse selected may not switch to different horse for same owner if record ID begins with same digit.

  10. Online entry: Importing online entries where there is no payment amount no longer creates a $0.00 payment item in the entry records.

  11. Person editor: New button "Copy contact info to clipboard" copies the name, address, telephone, and email address to the windows clipboard.  Use this button when you want to copy and paste contact information into an email or other document.

  12. Reports: All circuit points reports updated to apply the new Points Multiplier field in division and class records.

  13. Reports: Stalls by Trainer - telephone number and hyperlink for email address (if known) added to report

  14. Reports: Stalls by Stable With Trainer - telephone number and hyperlink for email address (if known) added to report

  15. Reports: Class results report includes the number of scratched entries in the class summary.

  16. Reports: Payments report filters out $0.00 payment amounts that may be recorded with online entries.

  17. Reports: Jump order report now displays the show's logo (If any) as defined in the show's online entry settings in the top left of the report heading.

  18. Reports: Ring schedule shows the net active entries in each class excluding scratched entries instead of the total entry count.

  19. Show registration: New page in the show registration wizard allow you to choose the HSSremote subscription to use for shows where you intend to use the new HSSremote ingate and showgrounds application.

  20. Show editor: AHA number field extended to allow 20 characters.

  21. USEF Lookup: When merging data from a USEF lookup into an existing person record, the state will always be overwritten with the data provided by USEF as long as the USEF information includes country and state.

  22. USEF Export: Updated to support metric fence heights in combined classes.

April 15, 2015 - Version 3.2015.0415

  1. Breeds: Added New breed CWBHA - Canadian Warmblood

  2. Countries: Bermuda added to country/state picker

  3. Reports: 1099 tax form layout modified to better align on IRS pre printed 1099 forms.

  4. HSSremote:
    Support added for the new HSSremote utility for use by ingate, announcers, VIP unattended show status display, and other show ground staff. 
    HSSremoteprovides real-time publishing of ring status to HorseShowsOnline allowing exhibitors to monitor the current progress of the show.

March 25, 2015 - Version 3.2015.0325

  1. Credit cards: Hyphens and white spaces are stripped from zip code when submitting to Elavon to conform to Elavon's inability to handle zip codes with those characters.

  2. Division editor: Classes grid within division editor now displays the number of entries in each class in the division.

  3. Divisions grid: Allow sorting by USEF section code.

  4. Dressage: New FEI and USEF 2015 tests added. New tests are named USEF 2015 and FEI 2015 in the list of dressage tests.

  5. Equine Canada: Modified results transmission to conform to several new requirements of EC's web service

  6. Fees: New option in fee editor "Do not charge fee during online entry."
    This allows you to display the fee in the online entry without charging the fee amount at online entry time.

  7. Fees: New option in fee editor "Minimum quantity to allow in online entry"
    This allows you to set the minimum quantity a user may specify for the fee when completing an online entry for a fee that allows the user to select the quantity during online entry.

  8. Fees: New update options to exclude/include updating the fee quantity in existing online entries.

  9. Fees grid: New columns displayed "Online Entry No Charge", and "Online Entry Min Qty"

  10. Horse editor: New field added "Breed Registry Number".

  11. Horse grid: New column "Coggins Date" and "Coggins No" added. Lists the Coggins test date and number for each horse.

  12. Invoices: The invoices screen has new filter options for Horse name and Stable with trainer name.

  13. Online Add/Scratch: HSS now provides automation of the add/scratch requests received from HSO.

  14. Online entry: New associations added to required fields list. EG: AHA, ASHA, UPHA etc.

  15. Online entry: The online entry form generated at HSO now includes the list of required association number fields specified for the show.

  16. Online entry: The online entry form generated at HSO now includes the breed registry number and the USDF number for the horse.

  17. Online entry: Online entry settings / Fees now display the fee amount and default quantity (read only).

  18. Online entry: Online entry settings allow changing setting for each fee for "Online Entry No Charge", and "Online Entry Min Qty"

  19. Online entry: A new item "View and Print online entries" added to HSO menu.
    This new screen lists all entries in the show that were received via online entry and allows you to select one or more entries to view and print the online entry form.
    The online entry form includes the entry number assigned to the entry in the top left corner of the rendered entry form.
    Selection of multiple entries can be done by swiping over the row selectors in the entry list or using standard Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click multiple row selection techniques. You can also double click an entry in the list to view a specific entry.

  20. People editor: New section for list of the multiple association numbers added. Fields for approximately 12 associations in addition to USEF, FEI and EC.

  21. Reports: Global\Horses report now includes the horses' Association Number field.

  22. Reports: Show\ Stall card labels - room for stall assignment has been increased.

  23. Reports: Show \ Entries \ Stall usage by stable with report now includes both active and pending status entries.

  24. Reports: Show \ Entries \ Stall usage by stable with report uses the entry name of the horse rather than the horse name.

  25. Reports: Show \ Entries \ Dressage scores report now includes judge names and positions.

  26. Reports: Show \ Entries \ Class Results - Dressage scores report now includes judge names and positions.

  27. Reports: Show \ Entries \ USEF Non-Member report has new filter to include/exclude entries entered in no classes and a new column listing the number of classes entered.

  28. Reports: Show \ Entries \ Measurement Card Verification report now includes the Horse's USEF number.

  29. Reports: Global \ Fee Billing by trainer - all shows now sorts by show date. Show date column added. Improved formatting.

  30. Reports: Global \ Fee Billing crosstab by trainer - all shows. Improved formatting, suppress zero values.

  31. Reports: New report "Winnings by payee with detail" added to Reports \ Global folder.

  32. Reports: New report "Winnings by payee with detail" added to Reports \ Global folder.

  33. Reports: New report "Fee Quantity Crosstab by trainer - all shows" added to Reports \ Global folder.
    This report summarizes the fee quantity billed to each stable with trainer grouped by each show and includes a fee code filter.

  34. Reports: New report "Stall Billing Crosstab By Stable With Trainer - All Shows" added to reports/global folder.

  35. Scoreboard Import: Ryegate format scoreboard import now supports one round classes which have less fields in the import file created by the scoreboard software.

  36. Scoreboard Export: New option to specify name order - Either Firstname Lastname or Lastname, Firstname

  37. Scoreboard Export: Export to single file per class and export to standard CSV formats now include the Sire and Dam in new columns in the exported file.

  38. Show Manager: Show manager now prevents an online entry from being deleted.
    This ensures the entry form and payment information is not deleted.

  39. Show Manager: A new checkbox column "OL Entry" added to entry lists so you identify which entries are online entries.

  40. Show Manager: A new item "View and Print online entry form for entry" added to the popup menu.
    Right click on an entry in show manager to view/print the online entry form including the assigned entry number for an entry.
    The viewer also loads a list of all online entries so that you can view/print the online entry forms for other entries in the show if desired.

August 27, 2014 Version 3.2014.0827

  1. Breeds: "WB - Warmblood (Generic)" changed to "WB - Warmblood".

  2. Class editor: When specifying judges for a class, the position for the judge in dressage classes can now be specified (IE: B, C, E, H, M)

  3. Dressage: New tests added "Walk-Trot Test A 2009", "Walk-Trot Test B 2010", "Walk-Trot Test C 2010", "Walk-Trot Test A 2009", "Walk-Trot Test D 2010".

  4. Dressage: 12 New USEA eventing tests added.

  5. Dressage: 8 New USEF western dressage tests added.

  6. Dressage: Support for freestyle dressage test scoring added.

  7. Dressage: Class schedule report: Changed to list trainer instead of stable with trainer.

  8. Dressage: Updated list of dressage tests using new option on file menu "Update dressage tests".
    New tests are downloaded from the HSS software site.

  9. Fee entry: New column added to display the "Stall" field for each entry. Useful if you record special instructions for an entry.

  10. Invoices: Fixed problem where some zero amount invoices couldn't be filtered from the invoices grid.

  11. Invoices: Fixed problem where some invoices differed by $.01 from amount reported in the invoices grid.

  12. Invoices: Improved query speed for invoices screen.

  13. Online entry: Matching for existing people broadened to include more likely matches with existing people.

  14. Online entry setup: Fee visibility and editability for online entries can now be set within the online entry setup screen.

  15. Online entry setup: Online entry form can now be previewed in the online entry screen.

  16. PDF viewer: Improved functionality of toolbar when changing views. Entry editor now clears the PDF view when changing entries via Update+Prompt.

  17. Reports: Added new report "Global/Dressage tests" to list the dressage scoring definitions used by HSS.

  18. Reports: Added new report "Show/Results/Class results - dressage scores" lists class results for dressage classes including tech/art scores for each entry.

  19. Reports: Added new report "Show/Entries/Entries - Horses grouped by type". This lists all non-barn account horses grouped by type (size) and the count of horses in each size.

  20. Reports: Added new report "Show/Financial/Payees by stable with trainer". This report lists the payee information for all non-barn account entries and is useful for proofing address and federal number information.

  21. Reports: Fee analysis and Show analysis reports now provide summarized quantity.

  22. Reports: Global/Horses report now lists sire and dam.

  23. Show editor: FEI Show number field extended to 20 characters.

  24. Show registration: Users are prevented from entering an excessively long show name when registering show.

  25. USEF Lookup: New grid of provides contact and address information for a person.

  26. USEF Lookup: New button in USEF lookup allows choice of merging or replacing information in person's record with USEF contact information.

June 27, 2014 Version 3.2014.0626

Online Show Entry Feature:

Exhibitors can now submit their show entries on the internet via HorseShowsOnline.com
A new item on the "HSO" menu in HSS, lets your process online entries.
Entries that you accept are imported into HSS with "Pending" status so that you can further review and adjust the entry as required.

Online entry setup is a simple process - set the Online entry options in show editor and publish your show.  HSS and HSO will take care of generating the online entry form based on your settings and the classes, and fees defined for the show.
Configuration options in HSS let you configure the appearance and behaviour of your online entry including:

Logo image

Entry Agreement text (USEF standard agreement is provided by default)

Payment options - whether a payment is required at time of entry or not.

Which fees to display on the entry form.

Which fees the exhibitor can select a quantity for (EG: Stall quantity).

Credit card payment processing:

Support for credit card processing using vaulted credit cards recorded at the time of online entry is now supported.
Payments are immediately posted to your merchant account at the time of online entry.
Use the same card provided at online entry time at the show when an exhibitor checks out.
Restricted credit card information issecurely vaulted at a PCI Level 1 facility and never transmitted or stored by HSS or HSO.
Support for over 60 payment gateways including PayPal, Elavon, Authorize.net, and Virtual Merchant.
Other changes:
  1. Class editor: New option to include/exclude the class from reports that compute division champion/reserve and other division rankings.

  2. Class editor: New flag to indicate if the "Go order" is ready for the class. This flag can also be set in the class results screen.

  3. Dressage: Four new 2014 dressage tests have been added.

  4. HSO Control Panel: New control panel on HSS's "HSO" menu lets you quickly update show news and adjust the show's settings at HorseShowsOnline.

  5. Prize money: New option in classes for "California split".
    When checked, prize money is computed for the class as a California split. California split prize money awards full prize money to each place even when there are ties for the same placing. Example, each 1st place will receive the full prize money amount for 1st place.

  6. Reports: Class sheets include Horse's age compute as Age=“Year of the show” – “Year of Horse’s DOB”. The age is not intended to be an accurate calendar calculation of true age.

  7. Reports: Class sheets print the class's dressage test (if any) in the class sheet's heading area.

  8. Reports: 1099 forms alignment adjusted for IRS 2013 1099 forms.

  9. Reports: Jump order report is now portrait mode and lists up to 72 entries per page and includes sponsor text.

  10. Reports: Stall Usage By Stable With report includes the "Stall No." recorded for each entry listed.

  11. Reports: New report "Winnings by payee with detail" added to Reports \ Global folder.

  12. Reports: New report “Reports\Show\Results\Division results – dressage ranking”.\

  13. Reports: New report "Reports\Show\Results\Class results - Dressage - Interim". This report is also available from the class results screen.
    This report generates a dressage ranking cross tab report computing entry ranking based on the sum of each entry's percentage in each dressage test.
    A column for each dressage test list each entry's percentage in the test and the total column lists the sum of percentages for the entry in all tests.
    Entries are listed in descending order of total within each division

  14. Equine Canada: Updated lookup field and web services for compatibility with revised EC web service changes effective July 1, 2014.

  15. USEF lookup: When copying USEF fields into a person record from the USEF lookup screen, if the USF amateur status is "UNDECLARED" or otherwise not recognized the amateur status for the person is set to blank.

  16. USEF validation: The USEF validation screen now allows the "Type" (Rider type) to be set to a blank if the USEF amateur status is reported as anything other than a recognized value (EG: Amateur, Junior, Pro)

  17. USEF Export: A new checkbox in USEF export lets you suppress the address information for people. This is useful if you are sending the USEF results export file to someone other than USEF (EG: Magazine, newspaper, publisher) and do not want them to have the address information for all your people. This also helps to prevent a competitor from easily importing your data into their own system.

  18. Online Add/Scratch: Exhibitors can now submit Add/Scratch requests to you on the internet through HorseShowsOnline.com.
    A new item on the "HSO" menu in HSS allows you to review the add/scratch requests submitted by exhibitors.
    You must enable this feature in the show's online settings in the show's properties.  HorseShowsOnline will only accept add/scratch requests for your show if this feature is enabled.

  19. Online Live Feed: New integration with the updated HorseShowsOnline can now send immediate updates to anyone watching your show's live feed at HorseShowsOnline. Using this feature you can send formatted text updates (EG: Scoreboard and other real time information), as well as video feed links. The video feed lets you broadcast an embed code for your live stream. The live stream needs to be hosted at a compatible provider (EG: Ustream, Vimeo, Youtube or similar services).

  20. Publishing: New, faster publishing wizard lets you set the "Show news" when publishing.

Microsoft Windows Support:

Microsoft dropped support for the aging WIndows XP operating system in early 2014. 
HSS is no longer supported on Windows XP.

HSS is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Windows 10

When purchasing a new computer, consider a PC with at least 4 GB of memory -8GB or more is recommended, especially for your server.  The cost of additional memory is minimal and has a huge impact on performance of the computer in general as well as HSS.

December 8, 2013 Version 3.2013.1208

  1. Checks screen: "Export Check Information" includes a new column "ChequeAmount" which is the final amount issued on the check, whereas the "Amount" column is the individual amount for prize awards.

  2. Entry editor: Check amount on checks tab now formats as currency.

  3. Entry editor: New button added to contact information section to allow select contact information from owners.

  4. Horse editor: New field "FEI Registration number" added.

  5. Invoices screen: New column "Stable With" added to the invoices grid.

  6. People editor: New fields "FEI number" added.

  7. Reports: Check reconciliation report improved.

  8. Reports: USEF Non-member report has a new column "Sub notes". The column indicates if the rider is "Amateur", and if the person has an Equine Canada sport licence number.

  9. Reports: New report "Measurement Card Verification" added to Reports/Show/Entries folder in reports explorer. The report lists entries that are entered in classes that require a measurement but do not have a height or measurement card recorded.

  10. Reports: New report "Trainers at show" added to Reports/Show/General folder in reports explorer. The report lists trainers for all active show entries.

  11. Scoreboard export: Scratched entries are now excluded from scoreboard export.

  12. USEF Export: FEI numbers (riders, owners), FEI Passport Number (horses), and FEI Registration number (horses) are exported to USEF results file.

  13. USEF Configuration: New button on the USEF Section code configuration screen allows you to import the section code settings from a different HSS database.

  14. USEF Configuration: New search field added to screen to help you locate the section code to edit.

  15. USEF Lookups: The USEF "suspended" status returned by USEF lookups now returns one of the following codes:
    MED(Medical Suspension), LO(Licensed Official Suspension, can still compete, can’t officiate), MGT(Competition Management Suspension, can still compete, can’t run competitions), EXB(Can’t compete or spectate), or NO.

October 2, 2013 Version 3.2013.0904

  1. Class sheets: Rider age computation updated.

  2. Class sheets: New option added to hide rider's age

  3. Credit Card: Virtual merchant interface updated to match new VM API changes.

  4. Invoices: Invoices screen now displays columns entry status and external account number associated with the show entry (if any).

  5. Invoices: New option added to invoices screen to export individual invoices to PDF files in a specified folder.

  6. Invoices: Invoices for Pending status entries now include the division or class entered on the invoice, however the entry fee amount is shown as $0.00. Division and class entry fees are NOT charged for pending entries.

  7. Deposits: Payment types are no longer auto selected when the deposits form is initially loaded.

  8. Division editor: A new field in division editor on the “Class defaults” tab lets you enter sponsor text and then apply it to all the classes in the division.

  9. Payment Entry: Selection by Trainer has been added. You now have the ability to select entries by "Trainer" as well as "Stable With Trainer".

  10. Reports: Report viewer has a new item on the "Export" menu to allow exporting the current drill down view.

  11. Reports: Class sheets (Compact) now lists the sex and foal date for horse.

  12. Reports: Numeric running list page numbering, total page count corrected.

  13. Reports: Stall usage by stable with report now excludes "Pending" entries.

  14. Reports: Stall billing report now excludes stall fees for "Pending" entries unless the stall fee is flagged as billed "Always" .

  15. Reports: Financial / Fees analysis report excludes pending entries unless the fee is flagged as billed "Always".

  16. Reports: Financial / Billing by trainer report excludes pending entries unless the fee is flagged as billed "Always".

  17. Reports: Financial / Feed Bedding Shaving report excludes pending entries unless the fee is flagged as billed "Always".

  18. Reports: Show/General/Results/Winnings by Owner report now includes a grand total in report summary.

  19. Reports: Show/Entries/USEF Non Member report now includes the fee quantity when computing the total charged for fees categorized as "USEF NON MEMBER".

  20. Show manager: New filter option added for "Stable With Trainer"

  21. Entry editor: Payments can now be deleted when the journal is turned on.

April 23, 2013 Version 3.2013.0423

We have added a frequently requested feature in this release:
Journal support - to record history of changes to an entry.

  1. Reports: Numeric running list now suppresses repeated lines of identical information.
    If an entry has multiple riders, the class, horse, owner, and trainer fields are only listed once per entry.

  2. Payment entry: Problem saving payments via the payment entry screen under certain conditions is resolved.

April 19, 2013 Version 3.2013.0405

  1. Check printing: Remittance advice now sorts the items by class number if possible.

  2. Check printing: A new button "Void selected" allows you to mark the selected checks as void.
    Note: Checks are grouped by payee. Voiding a cheque can affect multiple entries if the payee is the payee for more than one entry.
    Voiding automatically generated prize money checks is generally not advisable unless you have a specific reason to void the cheque

  3. Class verification: HSS will now set the rider for the class as long as one or more riders have been specified in the entry's record when adding an entry into a class instead of leaving the rider unspecified.

  4. Entry editor: Corrected problem where removing a class for a new entry would cause an error.

  5. Entry editor: If the entry number is left blank, HSS will provide a list of suggested entry numbers and prompt for a selection.
    Non-barn account suggested entry numbers start at 1 through 7999.
    Barn account numbers begin at 8000.
    The suggested entry numbers will be the next available number within the appropriate barn/non barn account range. Multiple suggestions will
    be available if there are numbers not assigned within the range.

  6. Entry editor: Classes entered list displays newly entered classes in green and leaves them at the end of the list

  7. Entry editor: Classes entered list has a new read only checkbox column "New" to allow sorting the list by classes just entered but not saved.

  8. Entry editor: New tab added "Cheques". This tab lists cheque amounts issued to the entry. You can also create a new manual cheque.

  9. Entry editor:New tab added "Journal".This tab lists transaction activity for the entry.
    If journal tracking is enabled for the show, HSS will record changes made to entries (EG: Class add/scratch, fee changes, payments etc.)
    You can record manual notes for the journal on this tab.
    You mustturn on activity tracking by checking the "Journal Enable" option in the show's properties screen.

  10. Fees: New fee category added "USEF NONMEMBER".

  11. Finance menu: New function "Deposits" added. This feature lets you record bank deposits you have made based on payments you select for deposit.

  12. HSSserver: taskbar tool tip balloon text no longer pops up on mouse hover.

  13. HSSserver: Internet IP address is now displayed when the IP refresh button is clicked.

  14. Horse editor: Horse owner change rule relaxed. Horse owner can now be change as long as horse isn't reference by any other shows.

  15. Horse editor: New field added "TIP No." to record the "Thoroughbred Incentive Program" number for the horse.

  16. Reports: Print engine report viewer adjusted to improve performance and stability. Resolved problem with print selection dialogue.

  17. Reports: Class sheets now display the rider's age as of the show start date if the rider's DOB is known.
    The age is computed based on Dec 1st of the year the show started in the same way that USEF computes a person's age.

  18. Reports: USEF Non member report displays the total billed for category "USEF NONMEMBER" and the number of classes entered for each entry.

  19. Reports: Feed and Bedding report now excludes items if the quantity and amount are both zero.

  20. Reports: Judges cards will now print a blank judges card even if there are no matching classes for the scheduled date range. This allows you to print a blank judge card.

  21. Reports: Class results now lists dressage percentage as well as score (points).

  22. Reports: Cheque Reconcile report has new filter options: "List printed cheques only", and "Include void checks".

  23. Reports: New report "Deposits" added to "Financial" section in reports explorer. The report lists all payment deposits recorded for the current show.

  24. Reports: New report "Show\Associations\WCHR Entries List" generates a list of entries with horse, owner and rider USEF numbers as required by USEF / WCHR (World Champion Hunter Rider"

  25. Scoreboard export: Single file, non-standard CSV export format has the comma between class number and class name removed.

  26. Show editor:New checkbox option "Journal Enabled"to turn on/off the recording of entry changes in the Journal.
    When the Journal option is enabled for a show, changes to each entry are logged.
    Changes to an entry can be viewed on the "Journal" tab in entry editor.
    Database size will increase if you enable the journal feature.

February 19, 2013 Version 3.2013.0221

  1. Entry Editor: HSS warns and prevents removing an entry or rider from a class that has a finish place recorded in results for the class.

  2. Show Manager: Entries grid now displays the trainer's Barn name for each entry

  3. Show Manager: Popup menu for entries "Stall billing by trainer" report" replaced with "Stall usage by stable with" report

  4. Results editor: When invalid placings are detected and HSS prompts to correct the placing, the default button in the popup is now "NO".

  5. Reports: "Billing by Trainer" report has new option to exclude fees where the quantity and amount is zero.

  6. Reports: New export options available in report viewer: Export to CSV (Comma Separated Value) format

  7. Reports: New report "Show / General / Division Champ Chart-Blank" added. This report generates a blank championship chart for selected divisions. The chart can be used as a worksheet for computing division champ and reserve.

  8. Resolved minor USEF picker warning when populating divisions in a new show.

  9. Added support for import of people and horses from Ryegate software via CSV files.
    Two CSV (Comma separated value) files are expected: Names.csv and Horses.csv.
    The first row of each file must contain the field names. THe following field names are required:
    Make sure you include spaces in field names where required.
    "NUMBER" in the Names.csv file is the unique Owner ID value associated with each person record.
    "Owner #" in the Horses.csv file identifies the related person record (IE: "NUMBER") in the Names.csv file.

  10. Classes grid: Added new column to display Circuit points division for each class.

January 27, 2013 Version 3.2013.0127

  1. Windows 8 support added.

  2. New code signed HSS installer improves HSS installation process.

  3. Add-back money: When add back money is credited to an entry and taxes are enabled on class entry fees, the Add-back money will apply as a credit towards the class entry fee taxable amount. The net tax payable for the class entry fee will be the class entry fee minus the add back credit for the class. The amount credited toward the class entry fee will be the lesser of the class entry fee and the add-back amount for the class.

  4. Class editor: Choosing a USEF section in class editor will apply the defaults for the section to the class based on the settings for the USEF section code.

  5. Class editor: Prize group drop down displays prize money for 1st 8 places a well as the prize group description.

  6. Class editor: New field added for ribbon count. The ribbon count is printed on class labels, judges card labels, and judge cards.

  7. Credit cards: Supported added for credit card payment processing through virtual merchant.

  8. Credit cards: Credit card receipt updated to be more compliant with printer margins. Customer copy signature line prints on correct page.

  9. Credit cards: Payments by credit card now record the authorization number and the payment amount Credit card in the payment's reference number.

  10. Division editor: Choosing a USEF section in division editor will apply the defaults for the section to the division based on the settings for the USEF section code.

  11. Division editor: Added "N" as a division rating in division editor to support that option for Morgans and Arabians.

  12. Entry editor: displays a checkbox "Signatures OK" to indicate if you have validated the signatures on the entry form.

  13. Entry editor: displays a checkbox "Coggins OK" to indicate if you have validated the coggins information for the entry.

  14. Entry editor: displays a new dropdown for "Entry Status". The entry status can be "Active" or "Pending". Pending entries are not yet qualified/accepted in the show. Pending entries are not able to actively enter or participate in any classes. Pending entries are assigned a special entry number by HSS until they are changed to Active status.

  15. Entry editor: Displays the USEF status information on a new tab. Clicking on the tab automatically queries USEF.

  16. Entry editor: USEF validation in entry editor no longer flags horses with a status of "Annual" as an exception.

  17. Entry editor: USEF status check in entry editor now includes USHJA Status information in the USHJA column for people.

  18. Entry editor: Balance Forward: Entry editor, Payments screen now displays Current show balance AND the balance from prior shows for the person designated as the "Invoice To" person for the current entry.

  19. Entry editor: Fees screen now lists whether a fee is a global fee or a fee for the current entry only

  20. Entry editor: Fees screen lets you change the fee category and applies to setting for entry specific fees you add to an entry.

  21. Entry editor: New field added "Stable With" to record the trainer that the entry is stabled with. "Stable With" defaults to the same as the Trainer selection.

  22. Entry editor: New field added "External Acct No." to record an account number used by external programs or administrative forms.

  23. Entry editor: If the entry number field is left blank when adding an entry, HSS will try and compute the next available entry number automatically.

  24. Entry editor: You cannot add a class to an entry if no riders have been selected for the entry.

  25. Entry editor: A new tab "Results" lists the result information for all classes the entry is entered in. You can modify certain fields like fence height and USEF Derby section directly in the results grid. You can open the class results editor for a class from the results grid

  26. Fees: new "Category" field allows classifying a fee as either a General or Stall fee.

  27. Fees: new "Applies To" field allows you to specify if a fee applies to all entry types or only Active entry types.

  28. Fees entry screen: Fees can now be grouped by the "Stable With" trainer associated with entries.

  29. Import/Export: Minor changes to scoreboard export for some formats.

  30. Import/Export: Import people & horses (IE: Starting a new database) has an option to import USEF Section code information (Enabled by default). Importing section code information will import the section code settings from the source database to your new database.

  31. Horse editor: Removed "Edit Owner" button from horse editor to avoid confusion.

  32. MOS Scoring: MOS Scoring support added. Results for a class can now be computed using three judge MOS scoring ("Majority Opinion Scoring").Seewww.uphaonline.comfor details on MOS scoring. A new menu in the class results screen provides access to the MOS scoring features and reports.

  33. Payments screen: payments can now be grouped by the "Stable With" trainer associated with entries.

  34. People editor: Pasting USEF lookup into a rider record now sets the Age field (O/U) to "O" if USEF reports the person's age as older than 49.

  35. People editor: The person's "Show age" is now displayed beside the DOB field. The person's show age is computed based on their age at Dec 1 of the show's start date.

  36. People editor: When adding a new owner, the owner record record is also flagged as a rider by default.

  37. Reports: Report engine updated. New button added to report viewer to export to PDF. Report generation time is displayed.

  38. Reports: Stall billing report now defaults to NOT showing the dollar amounts.

  39. Reports: Class results report now lists the circuit division assigned to each entry result.

  40. Reports: Compact circuit points report drill down now sorts by show name, then class number.

  41. Reports: Class sheets now list the rider's city and state.

  42. Reports: MOS Scores report added to reports explorer in the Show\Results folder.

  43. Reports: Judges card - non jumper has been reduced in height slightly to avoid extra pages on some printers.

  44. Reports: New report added "Show \ Pending entries \ Pending entries by owner".

  45. Reports: New report added "Show \ Entries \ Stall Usage By Stable With".

  46. Reports: Riders schedule now sorts by LastName, Firstname instead of Firstname,Lastname.

  47. Ring scheduler: New button in toolbar "Reset" to unschedule all classes for the current show. Resetting the schedule will remove all scheduled classes from the schedule. The process is not reversible.

  48. Ring scheduler: Hides start time / next time from the report if "Show Times" is unchecked in the ring schedule administration setting.

  49. Show editor: New "Coggins Expiry Days" field. This is the number of days a horse's Coggins test is valid for. The Veterinary report uses this value in conjunction with a horse's Coggins test date to flag horses with an expired Coggins test.

  50. Show manager: Has a new column to display who the entry is invoiced to (Owner, Trainer, Rider)

  51. Show manager: Has new "Stable With" column displaying the name of the stable with trainer for each entry.

  52. Show manager: Payments by trainer now loads the payments screen based on the "Stable With" trainer associated with the entry.

  53. Show manager: Fee adjustments by trainer now loads the payments screen based on the "Stable With" trainer associated with the entry.

  54. Show manager: Trainer add/scratch report is based on the Stable With trainer.

  55. Show manager: Stall billing report is based on the Stable With trainer.

  56. Show manager: Fees by trainer and Fees by trainer comparison reports are based on the Stable With trainer.

  57. Show manager: Allows filtering the Entries list based on the Entry Status, Active, Pending or all.

  58. Show manager: Show selector will now switch shows immediately upon selection of a different show. The change show button has been removed.

  59. Show manager: Classes tab now lists the circuit points division code for each class.

  60. Show manager: Balance Forward: Show manager has new button and column to display balance from prior shows for the person designated as the "Invoice To" person for the current entry.

  61. Show manager: Statement report: New item on right click popup menu prints a statement listing all invoices balances for all shows for the person designated as the "Invoice To" person for the current entry.

  62. USEF: USEF Sections configuration option added to USEF menu. This feature allows you to set default values to apply to divisions and classes when you select a USEF section for a class or division. Settings for Nomination fee flags, Rider type restriction, IHP required, Fence height, Jumper table and other options are available.

  63. USEF: USEF Picker now supports searching by description or code. Just start typing in the USEF picker dropdown and matching section codes will be shown in the dropdown grid. Navigate to the desired code and click, press enter, or tab to select.

  64. USEF: USEF picker only shows USEF section codes that are not dormant. The dormant flag can be set using the USEF Sections configuration screen on the USEF menu. Marking a section as dormant will reduce the length of the section code list so you only see section codes you are typically using.

  65. USEF: USEF Lookup now includes USHJA Status information.

  66. USEF: New option on file menu "Reset USEF flags for all people and horses" to remove the flags associated with a person or horse's USEF number (E.G.: JAS, PEND etc). This is useful to reset the flags after importing people and horses into a new database for the new show year.

May 24, 2012 Version 3.2012.0523

  1. New 2012 USEF section codes added.

  2. New option added to USEF menu to update USEF section codes. This feature will download and update all available section codes from USEF. Use this feature to update your database's USEF section code list whenever USEF issues new section codes.

  3. USEF Validation screen now lists the USEF Number suffix in your records (EG JAS, NM etc)

  4. USEF Validation screen now lists the USEF Effective date returned by USEF

  5. USEF Validation screen now lists the Affiliate information (EG: USHJA, USDA).

  6. USEF Validation screen now lists horse owner and USEF horse owner and highlights mismatches.

  7. USEF Suspensions screen now lists the Affiliate information for owner, rider, trainer (EG: USHJA, USDA).

  8. USEF lookups for people now lists the USEF membership Effective Date.

  9. Show manager, entry number search field now automatically selects the entry (if found in the list of entries) as you type.

  10. Show manager, Classes tab allows you to print class results for a class by right clicking on the class.

  11. Show manager, Divisions tab has a new search field. Enter the division number to select the division you want to work with.

  12. Show manager, USEF status lookup lists the USEF flags in your record, USEF affiliates, checks for exceptions and summarizes the number of warnings overall for horse, owner, riders and trainer.

  13. Show manager, Riders tab now lists the EC (Equestrian Canada) sport licence number for EC rated shows.

  14. Stall billing reports - new option to show/hide dollar amount and total.

  15. Division editor has a new field on class defaults tab to set the default class entry fee for new classes.
    A new button allows applying the new class entry fee to all existing classes in the division.
    Changing the class entry fee for existing classes with many entries will require a minute or so while invoices are recomputed.

  16. Division editor, Class defaults tab has a new button to allow creation of a new prize group

  17. Ring scheduler enhanced:
    A new text field in each ring to let you enter the class number to add or remove from the ring.
    Enter the class number and then press the + (or enter) key to add the class, or - (minus) to remove the class from the ring.
    If the class is in another ring it will be moved to the target ring when adding the class.

  18. Division results no longer force you to specify a rider when setting champion and reserve. Specifying a rider is now optional.
    If you are using circuit points and points are awarded to a rider for division champ and reserve then make sure you specify a rider.

  19. Division results screen displays the type (Am/Jr etc) and age group for riders.

  20. Division results screen opens maximized to more easily view as many entries as possible.

  21. Owner/Rider street address and zip/postal code removed from circuit points reports.

  22. Corrected fee summarization on global stall billing cross tab by trainer report and global fee billing by trainer cross tab report.

  23. Importing Classes, divisions, prizes and fees into a new show provides an option to import the ring schedule.
    The default is to NOT import the ring schedule.

  24. Circuit points - New report added "Points by horse AND rider".
    The new report (Global and per show) ranks the results by combination of horse AND rider.

  25. Circuit points - New global report "Circuit points by trainer" added. The report ranks trainers by points for entries they are a trainer for in all shows.

  26. Class results - When HSS detects you have placed an entry with a place greater than the number of entries in the class you are warned and asked if you want to correct this. The default answer button is now set to "No".

  27. Scoreboard export has new textbox to allow selection of classes to export by entering the class number. Add or remove a class from the selection by clicking the enter key or the plus (+) key or minus (-) key. Matching classes will be highlighted in the class list. You can use this in conjunction with selection by clicking on a class in the class list.

  28. Scoreboard export supports new export formats:
    Single file per class,
    Single file for all classes,
    Standard CSV export which can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

  29. Scoreboard export supports a choice of column order for owner and rider in the exported file to satisfy the requirements of different scoreboards.

  30. Scoreboard import:Added ability to import from Ryegate scoreboard CSV text file format.

  31. Support added for a second Nomination fee:
    Show editor has a new field to set the amount for Nomination fee 2.
    Class editor has a new checkbox to flag whether nomination fee 2 is required for the class. Invoicing will automatically generate a charge with code "*NOMINATE2" if an entry enters any class that requires a nomination fee 2 for the amount specified in the show's settings.
    This is the same behaviour as the normal nomination fee and allows you to have 2 different nomination fees in the show.

  32. Class proofing report updated to include a flag for nomination fee 2.

  33. Classes grid has a new column to display the flag for nomination fee 2.

  34. Support added for Dressage scoring:

  35. Class results screen provides a new button in the "Score" column for each entry for Dressage classes.
    Click the button to open the dressage scoring screen for an entry.
    The dressage scoring screen allows entry of points for each movement, computes the score and percentage for each judge, and computes the average score and percentage for all judges.

  36. Class results screen has a new menu "Dressage" which is enabled for Dressage classes.
    The menu provides an option to automatically set the placings for entries based on their score.  Using this option, will reset the placings for all entries and then place the entries based on their score.

  37. Dressage scores for a specific entry can be printed from the class results screen by right clicking on the entry or using the Dressage menu / Print scores menu.

  38. New report "Dressage scores" added to Reports \ Show \ Results folder.
    This report lists the scores recorded for each entry in each class. You can select which classes to print the report for.
    Only entries with scores recorded will be listed. The report summarizes the scores and percentages for each judge.

  39. Prize money expanded to support up to 25 placings (formerly 15).

  40. Add back money percentages expanded to support up to 25 placings (formerly 15)

  41. Horses grid now lists the date and time a horse record was originally created.

  42. Horse editor now prevents change of owner if a horse is referenced by a show entry in any show in the database.
    This feature prevents inadvertent changes of owner / horse relationship for existing show entries.
    A new button in horse editor named "Clone" lets you create a new copy of a horse record so that you can assign a new owner to the horse.
    This ensures there is a unique Owner / Horse combination.

  43. Horse editor has new buttons to allow jumping to the Owner editor to create a new owner record or to edit the existing record.
    The availability of the owner create owner button depends on whether the horse is already assigned to any show entries.
    You cannot create and assign a new owner to a horse if the current horse and owner are assigned to any show entries.

  44. Prize group editor now prevents saving a prize group with a blank prize group code or blank description.

  45. Prize group editor now displays a total of all prizes amounts as you enter or change the amounts.
    The description and prize group code fields are after the prize amounts so you can easily edit the amounts and then modify the description based on the total.

  46. Prize group editor has a new tab "Prize Computing".
    Easily generate prize amounts using percentages and the total prize amount offered or the prize amount per entry and number of entries.
    Percentages can be manually entered for each placing OR based on the add-back percentages defined for the show, OR be based on the current prize amounts and prize total already defined for the prize group.

  47. Fields on class results report for USEF number now list the USEF number and USEF number suffix for horse, owner and rider.

  48. Remote Assistance:
    A new item "Get remote assistance" on the main Help menu in HSS provides a simple method for connecting with an HSS technical support representative using remote desktop. This allows a technician to work with you and share your screen and directly assist you via the internet.
    Remote assistance requires a password which will be provided to you by the HSS technician when arranging a support session.

  49. Results and Prize Money - HUNTER classes:
    HSS now applies a different prize money calculation for "HUNTER" classes.
    This allows for California split prize money.
    When a tied placing is recorded for entries in a HUNTER class the prize amount for each entry is the full amount specified in the prize group for the placing. Previously HSS would compute the average of the sum of the consecutive placings and award the average amount to each of the tied entries (the same as all other class types).

  50. Results and Prize Money - All non HUNTER classes:
    HSS now checks to see if placings appear to be incorrect when ties are recorded.
    If a potential entry error in placings is detected, a warning message will pop up recommending you correct the mistakes.
    Failure to properly place tied entries can result in incorrect prize money being awarded.
    For example if you have 5 entries, with two tied for first the correct placings would be 1,1,3,4,5 (Note that placing 2 is skipped).

  51. Results and Prize Money - All non HUNTER classes:
    HSS will warn you if the prize money computed based on the placings exceeds the prize group total.

  52. File restore:
    HSS now examines the version of the backup file you are attempting to restore. If the version was made with a more recent version of HSS, then you will be warned that you must update your HSS software first so that your software is compatible with the data.

  53. HSS is now checks client versions more rigorously when connecting multiple PCs on a network.
    When networking it is very important that ALL the computers on the network are using the same version of HSS.

February 22, 2012 Version 3.2012.0201

  1. Class results screen now allows editing most fields even if the class is closed. This allows you to modify rider, scores, faults, fence height over-ride, USEF derby section, points division over-ride.

  2. Division editor has a new tab "Class Defaults". New fields on the tab let you define default values to use for classes you add to the division. New class records will be pre-filled with the defaults set in the division when you create a new class that references the division. Buttons labelled "Apply to classes" allow you to apply the settings to existing classes in a division.

  3. Classes list in Division editor now lists additional information for each class (Fence height, points division etc.)

  4. Entry editor has 2 new fields to record the dates (From, To) the specified stall will be rented by the entry. The date range must fall within the start / end date for the show.

  5. New report added "Stall reservations by stall number". Located in reports explorer under Reports/Show/Entries, this report lists reservation dates for stalls, sorted by stall number. Only entries that have a non-blank stall number are listed.

  6. New report added "Stalls reservations by trainer". Located in reports explorer under Reports/Show/Entries, this report lists reservation dates for stalls, grouped by trainer and sorted by stall number. Only entries that have a non-blank stall number are listed.

  7. New report added "Stall Card Labels". Located in reports explorer under Reports/Show/Entries, this report prints labels that can be used for stall cards. Only entries that have a non-blank stall number are listed.

  8. Class proofing report now lists new fields for each class: Fence height, Circuit points division.

  9. Barn accounts are now excluded from the USEF Non-member report.

  10. Show manager has new buttons on classes and divisions tabs to display the number of scanned documents for each class or division

  11. Check (Cheque) printing alignment modified slightly to conform to NEBS Check Form DLT104 or SSLT104 and for use with 91663 window envelope (Nebs USA. www.nebs.com)

  12. New options on the right click context menu in Show Manager / Classes tab to print various reports for the currently selected class (EG: Class sheets, Jump order, Judges cards).

  13. Self serve console has two new tabs: USEF, and HorseShowsOnline. These tabs provide access to USEF's member search and services on the web, and to
    HorseShowsOnline show information on the web. Note that external links displayed on the HorseShowsOnline web site within the self serve
    console are disabled (EG: Advertising links) as a security feature.

  14. Self serve console now hides the windows taskbar AND the windows Start button / Orb so users cannot
    access anything but the Self serve functions screen.

January 18, 2012 Version 3.2012.0118

  1. Increased from 10,000 to 15,000 the number of horses listed in show manager's horse name filter before the filter disallows listing all horses.

  2. Renamed button on people/horse import screen from "Start import" to "Next Step - select database to import from"

  3. Class edit screen field "Jumper height" renamed to "Fence height".
    This is also the default fence height that will be reported in USEF results export unless overridden in the results screen for individual entries.

  4. Class results screen displays default fence height for class in window title bar

  5. Class results allows direct entry of alternate fence height for each entry in inches.
    Leave the fence height blank for an entry to use the default fence height for the class.

  6. USEF E-Results export updated for compliance with USEF 2012 specifications

  7. HSS Server now gets External Internet IP address when pressing the GetIP button.

  8. Horse records now allow "Pending" as USEF number suffix

  9. Class sheets now list the default fence height for the class as well as the alternate fence height for each entry where the fence height is different than the class default.

  10. Font size on result information on invoices has been reduced to reduce wrapping and paper use.

  11. New button in show manager "Show Document Counts" displays and refreshes a column named "Documents" in the list of entries.
    The new column displays the number of scanned documents on record for the each entry.

  12. The "Invoice To" selection in entry editor changed from a list to a drop down.

  13. New global report added "Attendees at all shows". Lists all people that attended a show (Owners, trainers, riders).

  14. New global report added "Attendees at all shows - labels". Generates labels for all people that attended a show (Owners, trainers, riders).

  15. Judges cards for jumper classes now list the the prize money total for the class.

January 1, 2012 Version 3.2012.0101

  1. Social Security number can now be optionally hidden on printed 1099 forms.  SSN's are masked by default (IE: Only the last four digits will be printed).
    Use this option when printing 1099 forms for recipients.
    Do not hide SSN when printing the government copy of the 1099.

September 16, 2011 Version 3.2011.0823

  1. USEF Validation screen has new column "USEF Status". This is the status of the member record as reported by USEF.  When the status is listed as "Inactive" the row will be shown in red.

  2. Circuit points divisions can now be assigned to show divisions, show classes and entry results. Formerly, circuit points were directly related to show divisions and there was no ability to change the circuit points division for classes or specific entries.

  3. Circuit points divisions can now be auto created based on the USEF section codes used by classes, divisions and results. Circuit points divisions can still be auto created based on show division names. Both methods are supported.   When auto generating the circuit divisions by USEF section code, all divisions and classes will be automatically associated with  a circuit points division based on the USEF section code that has been specified for the class / division.

  4. Class results screen has a new column to allow setting the circuit points division to place the entry in.  Use this selection to override the circuit points division specified for the class for the entry.  If you do not specify a points division for the entry, then points will accrue within the circuit division specified for the class.

  5. New global report added "Circuit Points By Rider". This report ranks riders by points within each circuit division.

  6. New show results report added "Circuit Points (this show) By Rider". This report ranks riders by points within each circuit division based on the currently open show only.

  7. Finish place for an entry may now be a number greater than the number of entries in the class up to a value of 16.  This allow you to record a placing of 2nd, 3rd etc when there is only 1 or two entries in a class for unusual classes that require special handling.

  8. Coggins date for horses now defaults to 1/1/1900 instead of the current date the record was created.

  9. Veterinary report (Coggins information) has a new column listing exceptions and warnings when coggins test date, lab, or accession number is missing. The report also provides an option to only list entries that have exceptions. The coggins date is considered invalid unless it falls within the date range between 1/1/1980 and the current date.

  10. Corrected a problem where a null USEF suffix was causing the USEF number to not display on invoices in some rare cases.

August 2, 2011 Version 3.2011.0727

  1. Widened columns in ring schedule report from 2.6 inches to 3.25 to allow full class description to print.

  2. Added new options to People and Horse editor for USEF non member suffixes (EG: NM-USEF/USHJA, Leadline, Opportunity etc).

  3. Invoices now display the USEF number suffix information as wells as the USEF number for owners and horses.

  4. Invoices now list the rider associated with each result when "show results on invoices" option is enabled along with the Rider's USEF number.

  5. USEF Non member report has several new filter options.

  6. Show entries by entry number report now allows filtering by entry number range.

  7. Conversion of horse height from hands to inches and inches to hands now rounds to the nearest 1/16 inch instead of 1/8 inch.

  8. Class sheets (full and compact) now list the USEF section code and description where applicable.

  9. Entries Horse Owner Trainer Rider report now lists the horse's FEI passport number.

  10. Updated global fee billing report summary totals.

  11. USEF agreement on trainer add/scratch form is now suppressed.

  12. Importing data from a USEF lookup will only overwrite the persons zip code if the current zip code is blank. This is because the USEF zip code may not be correct in relation to the persons actual mailing address.
  13. <%-- --%>
  14. New field in class records added to record Sponsor Amount. This is the amount contributed to the show by the sponsor of the class.
  15. Show Analysis report and Show Analysis Summarized report now list the class sponsorship amounts and information.
  16. Class verification screen now lists total number of entries that are entered in the class being verified in the status bar.
  17. Corrected problem where Entry Labels included all shows instead of just the current show.
  18. Added new report Class Sheets By Entry - Compact. Similar to the Class sheets - compact report, but sorted by entry number instead of start

July 3, 2011 Version 3.2011.0703

  1. Corrected stack overflow error generating cash checks for a class that would occur on some computers.

June 14, 2011 Version 3.2011.0614

  1. Corrected error that occurred when running class verification on a class when there were no entries in the class.

  2. Equine Canada results export now looks up Horse Lifetime Number using both the EC Passport number, or if that is not recorded, then the FEI Passport no.

  3. Global stall billing report and Global fee billing report now list the stall number associated with each entry

  4. Fee entry screen now allows deleting multiple entries from the list of entries. Use standard CTRL-Click, SHIFT-Click or highlight the rows to delete and then press the Delete key to remove the entries from the list.

  5. Class verification screen now supports deleting entries listed in the judge's card list. This is particularly useful if you inadvertently enter an incorrect entry number when recording entries from the judge's card.

  6. Payment entry screen now retains list of entries selected for payment after applying the payment including entries that were manually added to the list. This allows invoices for affected entries to be printed before and after payment from the payments screen.

  7. Class editor class schedule tab now synchronizes the class start time with the list of scheduled times

  8. Class results editor now displays the scheduled time in a new column for entries if the class has a time schedule associated with it.
    This applies only to classes that are scheduled directly in the class editor and NOT ring schedule.

  9. HSS will warn you if you attempt to delete a class that has already been marked as "Cancelled" in the class results screen.

  10. The database backup function now performs a verification of the backup file by default to check that the backup ZIP file is valid.

May  22, 2011 Version 3.2011.0512

  1. Class results report and Class results-compact report now display Eliminated and Withdrawn entries where applicable.

  2. Account balance listed in show manager now includes tax1 and tax2 amounts as part of the computation.

  3. Class results screen has a new button "Class Verify" to easily launch the judges card class verification screen.

  4. HSS no longer prompts when printing balances on entry editor payments tab.

  5. Move Entries screen (Available in Show manager on Actions menu), now displays rider type (Am, Jr etc..), horse size, horse height, and allows sorting on multiple columns. These new features assist in selecting entries you want to move from one class into another.

  6. Show manager now restores its window size if it was minimized to task bar when another show was opened.

  7. Class verification screen now displays a new column indicating if the scratched status of entries that were entered but not shown. The verification log also notes scratched entries.

  8. New report: "Stall Billing - All Shows". Located in Reports/Global in reports explorer. This is the stall billing report grouped and summarized for each trainer in each show in the database.

  9. New report: "Fee billing by trainer - All Shows". Located in Reports/Global in reports explorer.

  10. New report: "Fee billing cross tab by trainer - All Shows". Located in Reports/Global in reports explorer.

  11. Judges cards now have a small line number text in increments of 5 to help determine entry counts on the card.

  12. Import functions now start at DBRoot folder on the currently selected server rather than the default folder chosen by Windows.

  13. Judges Cards now print the judge note associated with the class.

  14. Compact class sheets column order revised to list rider after the horse instead of owner after the horse.

  15. Payments screen has new buttons to allow printing invoices for each entry selected for a payment. This allows printing invoices before and/or after the payment has been processed.  The payment screen also has a new button "Save payment and close" to allow closing the payment screen after successfully applying the payment or to leave it open.

  16. Class verification has new button to allow marking all entries that were entered but did not show as scratched

  17. Class verification has new button to allow marking all entries that were marked as scratched but were listed on the judges card to be un-scratched.

  18. HSS now un-scratches an entry if it was previously scratched and you record a finish place for the entry in class results.

March  25, 2011 Version 3.2011.0325

  1. Added new report "Judges cards - open breed format". This report prints judges cards, with 2 classes per page appropriate for open breed shows.

  2. Added new button to the class verification screen to allow viewing the verification log file.

  3. Added new button to class editor to allow creating a new prize group directly from class editor.

  4. Added new buttons in people editor to allow creating a new person record pre-populated with name and address fields from the current record.  This is useful when adding records for children or relatives.

  5. Corrected problem where some computers would not list the class selection in reports explorer.

March  22, 2011 Version 3.2011.0319

  1. New scanning and document management system added.
    Scan paper documents for people, horses, classes, divisions, entries directly into HSS for digital document storage.
    The new HSS Document Explorer displays and prints documents that have been scanned into your show.
    Documents are stored as JPG image files for easy management and retrieval.
    Scanned documents have the date, time, computer and user name automatically superimposed on the scanned image.
    Easily retrieve and view documents for a specific entry, person, horse, class result directly from the relevant editor screen (Person editor, Class results editor etc.)
    Document Explorer can be launched from the main HSS toolbar or from the main Data menu.

    To configure your scanner in HSS, select the File / HSS Program properties and click the "Scanners and Devices" tab.  Click the "Configure scanner" button.  This will allow you to select the scanner to use and to set the resolution and other settings scan settings.  In general you should simply stick with the default settings.  You should scan in grayscale or black and white at the lowest resolution that provides and adequate image.  Selecting colour or high resolution settings will cause your scans to be needlessly large.  In most cases 100 DPI grayscale scanning is quite adequate.  Scanner capabilities vary widely so you will have to experiment to determine the best settings for your needs.

  2. Show manager has a new column "Balance".  The new column displays the current invoice balance for each entry.
    Balances are highlighted with a colour based on credit or debit balance, red for debit, green for credit and white for no balance.

  3. Show Manager has a new tab "Riders".The riders tab lists all riders in the show and all entries the rider is related to.
    The new riders tab provides a quick way to find and open entry records for any rider in the show.
    The popup menu available on the Entries tab is also available in the Riders tab.
    You can easily launch common tasks related to an entry by right clicking on the entry in the Entries tab or the Riders tab.

  4. New invoicing option allows you to render invoices to the owner, trainer or rider.
    Each entry lists all people related to an entry.  Simply highlight the person you want the invoice rendered to.
    A new option in show editor / Options tab lets you select the default "Invoice To" option to apply to new entries. 

  5. New high performance backup and restore engine added.

  6. When creating a data backup, HSS will allow you to forcibly disconnect the other users that are connected to the database  server.

  7. New option in the HSS Backup screen to allow including or excluding the document library.
    By default, the document library is included in backups.
    The document library contains all scanned documents related to the current database.

    If you do NOT include the document library in the backup, then you are only backing up your database and NOT all the scanned documents. This will result in a smaller backup file, however the backup will not contain any scanned documents.

  8. Mail record creation now allows excluding people that are flagged as dormant.

  9. New report added "Class Entry Count By Division". This report is similar to the Class Entry Count report but grouped by show division.

  10. Entry editor no longer displays a warning prompt about an invoice already having been printed when changing fees / class entries.

  11. Class results report now lists the fence height and derby section for classes that have had these values over-ridden in the class results screen.

  12. Class results report now lists Horse and Rider AQHA number if present in the horse and rider record.

  13. Class results reports now includes suffix for USEF numbers for special designations EG: JAS (Joined at show).

  14. Self serve console has new page up and page down buttons to more easily scroll through the list of entries.

  15. Self serve console ring schedule printing will now only print the current and subsequent days in the schedule rather than the entire schedule.

  16. HSSserver now displays the speed and type of each active network connection on the computer.

  17. HSSserver now prominently displays the preferred IP address that clients should connect to based on speed of the connection.

  18. Stall billing report now allows a new option to exclude listing entries that have no amount or quantity billed.

  19. Class sheets printing as well as other reports that use the class selector in reports explorer now list the division for each
    class in the report selector. This allows the user to sort by division name and easily select classes within a division.

  20. New label report "Entry Labels" located in reports explorer Reports\Show\Entries folder. This report generates labels
    with basic information for each entry in the show including: Entry number, owner, trainer, horse name, sex and colour.

  21. New label report "USEF Section Codes" located in reports explorer Reports\Global\USEF Section Codes. This report lists all
    USEF section codes grouped by category.

  22. New button in Entry Editor allows creating a new owner record to use as the payee for any prize money won by the entry.

  23. Classes and Divisions grids now auto position to the new class or division record after creating a new record.

  24. Judges card reports now respect the sort selection specified in reports explorer. 
    Judges cards will now filter the classes listed to the appropriate class type (jumper or non-jumper)

<%-- --%>

Feb 22, 2011 Version 3.2011.0220

  1. Show Manager now provides instant switching between shows within the current database.

  2. The title in show manager changes colour depending on whether the show is current, in the past or in the future.

  3. Switching between shows from within the person editor and horse editor is now virtually instantaneous.

  4. Class schedule date is now listed in the class lists within entry editor on the Classes tab.

  5. Filter text and column selection is now retained when switching shows from within show manager.

Feb 14, 2011 Version 3.2011.0214

  1. Added new report "Prize money offered - all shows" to reports explorer \ Global folder.  The report lists total prize money offered for each shows in the current database.
  2. Added new report "Payments - Alls Shows" report to reports explorer \ Global folder.The report lists all payments for all shows grouped by payment type.
  3. Added new report "Stall Billing Cross Tab by Trainer" report to reports explorer \ Global folder.The report provides a cross tab summary of all fees charged (amount and quantity) to each trainer where the fee code begins with STALL.
  4. Added new function to import class results from a scoreboard data file.
    Using this feature, you can easily apply the placings, faults, and times reported by the scoreboard software to each entry in the class.
    Currently supports data from scoreboards that use software from SplitSecond.com.
  5. Added new feature to paste payment information generated by Virtual Merchant's credit card payment system into the payments screen.

  6. Added new button in the payments screen to apply a payment amount across all entries listed.

  7. Added grid print function to Fee entry screen to allow printing the list of fee amounts for each entry.

  8. Self serve console now has ability to preview reports on screen as well as direct printing.

  9. Class results editor screen now applies color shading to riders. This provides a visual cue to help adjust jump order.

  10. Ring schedule settings for "Show times" and "Show Breaks" now defaults to unchecked when starting a new ring schedule for a show.

  11. New field added to classes screen allows opening a class by class number. Entering the class number automatically positions the row in the grid.Clicking the Enter key will open the class in class editor

January 16, 2011 Version 3.2011.0115

  1. Modified USEF 2011 export to accommodate late changes in specifications received from USEF as of Jan 15, 2011.

  2. USEF section codes 12001, 12002, 12003 changed to 2001, 2002, 2003 as per USEF changes Jan 15, 2011.

  3. Class verifications can now be sent to a log file in the database folder instead of sending to the printer.
    This new feature profides a complete log of all class verifications in a single file for each show.
    The class verification log file is saved to the data folder containing the HSS database and named "ClassVerify-<Show Date>-<Show Name>.txt"

January 4, 2011 Version 3.2011.0101

  1. New networking support provides simplified network setup.  Please refer to theHSS Networking guide(included on the start menu when you install HSS).

  2. New registration system lets you easily register shows directly using your account login credentials.  Contact our registrations deskto obtain your account login credentials. 
    The show properties page provides a new button that launches a registration wizard.  Once you have your account login information - just follow the steps to register your show after clicking the "Register show" button.

  3. Added new USEF 2011 section codes.

  4. Added support for USEF 2011 results export.

  5. Added new field "Fence height" to class results screen to support new 2011 USEF results where classes are combined and different fence heights are in effect.

  6. Added new field "Derby/Classic USEF Section code" to results screen to support new 2011 USEF results reporting.  Section codes can be manually typed into the field or selected from a list by clicking the select button in the appropriate grid cell.  This field lets you optionally select a different USEF section code for specific entries in a class subject to USEF rules.

  7. Registration wizard now automatically saves show properties immediately upon valid show registration.

  8. Manual show registration is now possible using show authorizations provided by new registration system.
    Shows can be authorized online using the show registration wizard via the internet, or manually using information emailed to the show secretary from Timeslice Technologies.

  9. Class labels and Judges card class labels now allow selection by ring.

  10. New reports added to print judges cards: Judges cards - jumper, and Judges cards - non jumper.

  11. Check export now decrypts the federal number field during export.

  12. Show's have a new flag in the options tab to indicate the show is "Dormant".
    A dormant show is excluded from the "Open show" dialogue. This flag can be used to hide a show that is invalid or should otherwise be considered as deleted.

  13. Classes grid now displays new column for class Rider Type Restriction (EG, AM, JR, PRO etc).

  14. Reports explorer / Class reports now allow input of one or more class numbers separated by spaces or commas to indicate which classes to include in the report

  15. Show Manager / Actions menu / Move entries, now allows input of class numbers in addition to selection from dropdowns.

  16. Equine Canada data connection updated to reflect new server location in use by EC.

  17. Compact circuit points reports (Global and Current show) now list horse size (Small / Medium / Large / N/A)

May 9, 2010 Version 3.2010.0509

  1. Added new USEF section codes.

  2. Corrected problem with Suspect payee tax number report.

April 25, 2010 Version 3.2010.0425

  1. USEF results export now fills the appropriate 'Affiliate number' fields with the number recorded in the person / horse record's "Association Number" field if there is no USEF number recorded for the person / horse.

  2. When copying data from a USEF lookup into a rider's record, the amateur status (Amateur, Junior, Pro) is copied from the USEF lookup.

  3. USEF Validation now supports synchronizing riders' Amateur/Junior/Pro status with USEF data.

April 19, 2010 Version 3.2010.0419

  1. Updated DotNet registration utility for Windows 7 / 64bit machines to enable USEF, Equine Canada, and HSSorg connectivity in a 64 bit environment.

April 5, 2010 Version 3.2010.0405

  1. Compact circuit points reports now display the rider type (IE: AM/JR/PRO) beside the rider name.

  2. New USEF section code added, 3011 Green Pony Hunter.\

  3. Accelerator keys (ALT-N, and ALT-E) now launch the prize group editor when pressed while viewing the Prize Group grid.

  4. Classes grid in show manager now displays the scheduled date for each class..

February 16, 2010 Version 3.2010.0216

  1. Uploading to HSSorg points system is now simplified. Association ID can now simply be entered in the upload form
    regardless of the association ID saved in the show's properties.

  2. Class labels and judges card class labels can now be printed for a specific date range based on the date the class is scheduled in the ring schedule.
    The labels include the schedule information in small print.
    Labels may be sorted by class number only or by ring name + schedule date + start time.
    Labels for classes that are not scheduled (IE: included in the ring schedule) may be included / excluded.

  3. Pasting text from the clipboard into single line text fields now strips illegal characters (EG: line feeds)

  4. USEF export now only outputs rider status type to column for dressage classes and outputs blank for all other class/division types. Minor changes to the rider type output mapping: Pro now outputs as Pro and blank output blank.

January 14, 2010 Version 3.2010.0114

  1. Combine entries from two classes:
    A new wizard on Show Manager's "Actions" menu allows moving all or selected entries from one class into another. 
    This is a great way to combine entries from two classes into a single class.

  2. Mail list records (Data menu / Mail records) now exports the email address in addition to the other fields.

  3. Commas in names and other fields are now stripped from scoreboard export files.

January 5, 2010 Version 3.2010.0102

  1. Shortened the description of "Fee Entry" on toolbar to allow it to fit on smaller screens.

  2. Riders with a blank rider type (EG: JR, Am, PRO) are now checked for class violations when saving an entry.

  3. Rider's amateur status ("AM", "JR") is now copied into the rider's record when you do a USEF lookup and choose to copy the USEF information into the rider's record.

  4. Resolved problem importing classes from other shows that contained sibling classes.

  5. Updated 1099 tax form printing to display unencrypted federal number.

  6. Added new report "USEF Non-Members Report". The new report is located in reports explorer in the Show\Entries folder.
    The USEF non-members reports lists all people (riders, trainers, owners) that have an entry in the show and the person has been flagged as "NONMEMBER" or if they have no USEF number or special flag recorded

  7. Added new report "Class Entry Exceptions" report. The new report is located in reports explorer in the Show\General folder. 
    The Class Entry Exceptions report lists entries that have certain problems.
    Example: Horse measurement missing, Rider not selected, Rider type doesn't match class rider type restriction etc.

  8. Added USEF "FEDERATION ENTRY AGREEMENT Effective 12/1/09" boilerplate text to bottom of the trainer add/scratch form. The trainer add/scratch form is generated from the self serve terminal OR by right clicking an entry in show manager and selecting "Trainer Add/Scratch" form.
    NOTE: The text will only print if the "Governing Body" for the show is set to "USEF" in the show's properties page (IE: File/Change current show properties, "Governing Body" tab).

December 12, 2009 Version 3.2009.1212

  1. Added new USEF section codes

  2. Added support for USEF 2010 electronic results export.

  3. Added new flags to classes for "Amateur only", and "Rider Type Restriction" to restrict entry in the class to a specific type of rider, and to require a non-blank horse measurement for horses in the class.
    When entering into a class with restrictions show manager will warn you if the horse measurement is missing or if the rider type doesn't match the class's rider type restriction

  4. Classes tab in entry editor now displays the Amateur only and Measurement Required column for each class.

  5. Show manager width increased to provide more display area for grids and USEF status grid.

  6. Show manager now check and enforces selection of a rider for each class entered.

  7. Show manager now enforces horse measurement and rider type for each class entered by an entry based on the flags set in the class's record.

  8. Federal Number field (IE: SSN / SIN ) data is now encrypted in the database tables for added security.

  9. HSS now detects if the tax settings (rate, percent etc) have been changed and if so re-computes all invoices.

  10. "PRO" added to list of rider type selections in rider edit screen.

  11. "Class Entry Count" report now displays count of total entries, scratched entries, and net entry count in each class as well as grand total of all columns.

  12. "Class results - Compact" report now lists the number of entries that competed.

  13. Metric jump height now reports to 2 decimal places in USEF export.

October 14, 2009 Version 3.2009.1014

  1. Corrected problem where prize analysis report did not display page numbers.

  2. Corrected problem where prize analysis report displayed only a blank page.

September 16, 2009 Version 3.2009.916

  1. New fields added to scoreboard export: Trainer name, Owner city, Owner prov/state, Rider City, Rider Prov/State

  2. OEF number field added to owner, trainer and rider records.

  3. New division / class type added "DRIVING"

  4. Corrected problem where points reports would fail if show name contained an apostrophe. 

July 22, 2009 Version 3.2009.722

  1. Added new field OEF number (Ontario Equine Federation)
  2. Added new field "EC Add Code" to horses, owners, riders, trainers to indicate why a horse / person has been recorded at an EC show without an EC SLN number or Passport number. When an entry doesn't have an EC SLN / Passport, an EC Add code can be used in order to submit results to Equine Canada to indicate the reason for the missing SLN or passport number.
  3. EC results submission now uses the FEI number in lieu of an EC passport number for a horse.
  4. EC Lookups now highlight in red if the Passport or SLN number are invalid.
  5. EC Lookups now highlight in red if the horse name or person's last name do not match Equine Canada's record.
  6. USEF lookups now highlight in red if the horse name or person's name do not match USEF record.
  7. Fee entry screen has new global qty/amount option to Divide and Add qty/amount evenly against all entries.
  8. Fee entry screen has a new button "Apply change and close" to save the changes and then close the screen.
  9. USEF status in show manager has been expanded to display more information.
  10. Fee comparison by trainer report puts entry number and horse name on same line to save paper.

July 12, 2009 Version 3.2009.712

  1. New ability to jump between shows has been added by double clicking the desired show and entry from the horse or person's "Show History" tab in the horse or person editor screens. This action will
    automatically open the selected show and the corresponding entry in show manager.
  2. Updated Equine Canada export to handle export of classes with no entries.
  3. Added new report "Reports/Show/Entries/Class sheets - compact". This new report lists entries grouped by ring schedule date, ring and class. This is similar to class sheets but consumes only about 1/3 the amount of paper.
  4. Fee by trainer comparison report now includes the owner name as well as entry number and horse name.
  5. Show manager has two new selections on the Right Click popup menu: Fees by Trainer and Fees by Owner that take you directly to the fee splitting / entry screen for all entries for the selected owner or trainer.
  6. Fee entry by owner trainer rider screen now displays summary of quantities and quantity changes in addition to the amount changes.
  7. Fee entry by owner/trainer/rider screen now has ability to apply a quantity or fee amount to all entries listed. Further, the quantity or amount can be simply applied, added to the existing value or split evenly across all the entries listed.
  8. Corrected minor problem in fee entry by owner screen that omitted values for the first entry listed.
  9. Grid print button removed from Cheques screen due to grid problems when printing.
  10. Equine Canada passport and sport licence number fields now enforce numeric only values to ensure data sent to EC is valid. EC only uses numbers - no alphabetical or other characters are permitted.

June 25, 2009 Version 3.2009.625

  1. Updated USEF section codes
  2. Added new breeds: Gypsy Vanner, Spotted Draft, Connemara, Chincoteague Pony, Carriage Driving (for NC State Fair)
  3. Report "General / Attendees at show" now lists email address for people listed.
  4. Report "Entries / horse owner trainer rider report" now lists horse / person's Association Number field
  5. Mailing address on invoices is now more compact and easy to read and place in a window envelope.
  6. Ring Schedule report may now be printed for a specified date range when launched from reports explorer.
    Previously, the ring schedule report would always print all events for all days of the show.
  7. Added "Discover card" to payment types
  8. Payment entry screen is now more intuitive and doesn't reset entries when tabbing away from the "Add entry" textbox.
  9. When adding new classes, the jumper height unit now defaults to "METERS" instead of "INCHES".
  10. The two reports "Show\Results\Class results" and "Show\Results\Class results - compact" have a new checkbox option to "Exclude scratched entries".
    When this filter is checked, an entry will be excluded from the report if they are flagged as scratched in the class.
  11. Modified Circuit points (Compact) report - it is now more compact through the use of smaller fonts and elimination of the street address for the owners listed.
  12. Updated USEF validation and lookup engine to utilize new USEF web service (Requires Dot Net 2).
  13. Show manager / Classes screen has a new text field that lets you enter a class number to select the class.
    Pressing the enter key will open the class results screen for the currently selected class in the grid.
    When the class results screen is closed, input focus is placed on the grid. Its now easy to simply hit the down arrow on the keyboard and the enter key to open the results screen for the next class.
  14. Added new USEF status function to Entry Editor that lets you quickly determine the status (IE: Suspended, Active/Inactive member) of the owner, trainer, riders and horse for the entry that is open.
  15. USEF Results export now saves the exported results file into a ZIP file. This drastically reduces the size of the file you have to send to USEF and also resolves problem USEF is experiencing with corrupt email attachments.
  16. Added new show setting "New entries start last in class by default" to control whether new entries added to a class default to going first or last in the starting order.
  17. Added new field to Equine Canada section in Show Properties / Governing Organizations to record the EC upload password used for uploading the show's results to Equine Canada.
  18. Made USEF colour darker on USEF Suspensions report to improve visibility on printouts.
  19. Show manager now includes the USEF number OR Equine Canada number of owner, horse and trainer in the list of entries. HSS decides on whether to use the USEF or EC number based on the "Governing Body" setting in the show's properties.
  20. New Equine Canada lookup buttons in the Horse edit screen and People edit screen allow real time lookup of horse and individual information (Internet access required).
  21. Class editor Equine Canada drop downs (EC Class, EC Class Type, and EC Sanction level) now list only the class types and sanction levels appropriate for the selected EC class.
  22. Equine Canada classes and class types have been updated to be current with EC as of 2009-06-19
  23. New Equine Canada results submission wizard easily validates entry data and directly transmits the results to Equine Canada. (Internet access is required.)
  24. New screen added "Fee entry by owner, trainer, rider" allows updating a fee for multiple entries, selecting from all entries for an owner, trainer or rider. You can also manually specify one or more entries by specifying the entry number. The screen displays the current quantity and amount for each entry and provides fields to enter the new quantity / amount.
  25. Added new "USEF Lookup" screen. The screen can be launched from the USEF menu or from the toolbar.  The USEF lookup screen lets you enter a USEF number and query the USEF database to view the data for the person / horse associated with the number. (Internet access required).

Jan 01, 2009 Version 3.2009.101

  1. Added new USEF section codes for 2009
  2. USEF Lookup updated to display new fields from USEF (EG: Affiliate memberships such as USHJA)
  3. Support added for charging IHP fee - Make sure to fill in the IHP fee amount ($35) in the show properties, set appropriate tax flags and set the "IHP Class" checkbox for classes that are subject to IHP fees.  The IHP fee is charged to each entry if the entry is entered into any class that has been flagged as requiring the IHP fee.  The IHP fee is only charged one time per entry per show even if the entry is in multiple classes with the IHP Fee Required flag.
  4. Jumper levels have been changed to jumper height expressed in inches or meters as per USEF changes. Existing records are converted using the USEF jumper level to jumper height conversion table.
  5. Classes grid now displays new columns: Jumper height, IHP required.
  6. USEF Electronic results output updated for 2009 format.
  7. USEF Electronic results now exclude entries that are marked as scratched (but still billed an entry fee).
  8. The entry count reported in USEF Electronic results export will now use the value in the "No. Competed" field in the class results "Basic" tab if it is greater than zero, otherwise the actual count of entries (minus scratched entries) in the class will be used. In prior versions the override value (IE: No. Competed) was ignored and the actualentry count was used.
  9. New feature on USEF menu "USEF Suspensions":
    Use this screen to list all entries in a show that have a suspended owner, trainer, rider or horse.
    The screen optionally lists entries that have an invalid owner, trainer, rider, or horse USEF number.
    You have the option to print the list
  10. Payments screen has new button "Reset Payments" which clears all payments to zero. Normally HSS automatically
    enters the assumed payment amount for each entry for the trainer, owner, rider. Use the new button to reset
    the values to zero so you can easily enter split payments as needed.
  11. Payments screen now lets you sort the payments by clicking the grid header columns. This lets you easily
    sort the grid by horse or other field to see related entries for easier entry of payment splits.
  12. Payments screen now lets you manually select any entry to make a payment against - just type in the entry number in the new field.
  13. Payments screen has a new field to enter a specific fee code into. When a fee is specified, the payments list will display
    an extra column that shows the total for the specified fee for each entry in the payments list.
  14. Equine Canada Export now allows exporting all class types rather than a single class type.
  15. New Equine Canada class type #17 "Junior Amateur" added to EC class types.
  16. New Report added: "Reports\Show\General\Alphabetic Running List". Same as Numeric running list but sorted by horse name.
  17. New Report added: "Reports\Show\Results\Class Results - Compact". Same as class results report with with less information allowing the report to use considerably less paper (EG 37 pages rather than 200).
  18. Province / State field is now required in show editor.
  19. Jump order behaviour change:
    When entries are added to a class, they are moved into starting position 1 rather than the last position. The starting  position for existing entries in the class is incremented by 1 to make room for the new entry in the class.
  20. "Exclude from Email" column added to Owner, Rider, Trainer grid edit screens.
  21. USEF Validation returns to initial wizard page after a successful save rather than re-querying USEF and reloading the same records.
  22. Mail labels now sort based on the column selected for sorting in the mail records grid.  Click on the heading you want to sort by before selecting and printing the labels.

May 20, 2008 Version 3.2008.514

  1. Added new AHA Show number field to main show information.
  2. Added new field AHA Class number field to classes for Arabian Horse Association Class numbers
  3. Added new AHA Results export function on new AHA main menu. This function exports class results for submission to AHA. The horse and rider AHA number fields are expected to be found in the Horse and Rider "Assoc No" field.
  4. Added new field "Dormant" to global fees. Dormant fee records are excluded when importing fees into a new show.
  5. Added new USEF NO Suffix drop down field to horse and people records.  The suffix (if any) is added to the USEF Export results as part of the USEF number for owner, rider, trainer, horse. The possible suffix values are: NRO=Not recorded owner , PEND=Pending, JAS=Joined at show.

Apr 03, 2008 Version 3.2008.403

  1. Added new USEF section codes 4701 and 3030.

  2. Corrected problem with USEF lookup screen sporadic crash.

  3. USEF Validation of horses excludes barn accounts.

  4. USEF Validation of horses now displays first entry number for the horse in the show.

Mar 03, 2008 Version 3.2008.301

  1. Class result save performance has been optimized. Previously HSS regenerated invoices for every entry in a class. In this version invoices are only regenerated for entries where the placing of the entry has changed AND the show is set to print results on the invoices or prize money is applied to invoices or if there is add-back money.

  2. Numeric running list has been compressed The same information should now print on much less paper.

  3. Stall billing report has been compressed The same information should now print on much less paper.

  4. When printing class sheets, the list of classes in reports explorer now lists the ring and date for the class (if scheduled) and sorts in order of Date, Ring, Class number. This provides a convenient way to select class sheets using a more intuitive selection.

Feb 17, 2008 Version 3.2008.217

  1. Classes screen in show manager now has a button to directly go to class verification

  2. Classes screen in show manager has new right click popup menu to access various functions (Results entry, Class verification)

  3. Class results report launched from comp results screen / menu now defaults to printing only placing entries instead of all entries.

  4. Support added for connecting / uploading results to HSSorg system.

  5. New flag added to classes to indicate if class is a "Model class".

  6. New "Points Division" field added to classes and divisions. This is the division code that points are grouped in by HSSorg on points reports. The field defaults to the selection made for "USEF Section code".

  7. Winnings by payee report now suppresses class and show winnings details. Drill down support is provided.

Sep 27, 2007 Version 3.5.203

  1. Corrected problem in ring schedule report that would count 1 extra entry in the total entry count for a day/ring if a class had no entries.

  2. AssocNo field added to Horses, Owners, Trainers, Riders grids.

  3. Horse validation to USEF system should now work again.

  4. Class results report now has option to include non-placing entries on report.

Aug 12, 2007 Version 3.5.201

  1. Added new breeds: Half Andalusian, Shetland Pony, Fox Trotting Horse

  2. Added accelerator keys (IE: ALT + Underlined letter key puts focus on a screen item) to Division Editor to allow changing between Classes and Division tab.

  3. Added accelerator keys (IE: ALT + Underlined letter key puts focus on a screen item) to Show manager to allow changing between Entries, Classes and Division tabs.

  4. "Judge note" field added to classes grid.

  5. "Jumper table" field added to classes grid.

  6. "Judge note" field in classes added to Divisions grid.

  7. Class labels now print the jumper level and jumper table if either of those fields is not blank.

  8. Horse editor has new tab that displays all shows the horse has been entered in any of the shows in the database.

  9. Corrected problem where a new show didn't have the show year populated automatically which would prevent saving.

July 10, 2007 Version 3.5.200

  1. Added support for exporting results to Equine Canada.  Equine Canada (EC) requires you to use EC's program named "SECRET" to submit results to EC. A new menu in HSS provides a function to export show information to a file that can be imported into SECRET.  Import the file into SECRET using SECRET's "Generic ALL (Secret)" import selection.  Use SECRET to validate, modify and submit the result information to Equine Canada after importing the file from HSS and making any additional changes as required in SECRET.

  2. New field for EC Class Type field added to class editor

  3. Classes grid now displays the add back amount for each class in a new column.

  4. Class results screen has a new column to record dressage total percentage.

  5. Class records have new field to record "Table" for jumper classes. Class records have a new checkbox to flag if the class is subject to USEF IHP fees.

  6. Added new "Show Year" field to show properties to allow designating which year the show falls into for the governing organization.

  7. Rider records have a new field to record USEF IHP Fee Paid status for riders. It can be blank (indicating unknown or unpaid), LIFE, or the most current year fees were paid.  "IHP Fee paid" is passed to USEF Results submissions as "Y" if this field is "LIFE" OR if the year recorded int he field is greater or equal to the "Show year" recorded in the show record.

  8. New report "Entries \ Rider IHP Status" lists the IHP Dues paid status for riders entered in a class in the show that requires IHP Dues.

  9. Sponsor text for each class is now listed in the classes grid.

May 15, 2007 Version 3.5.196

  1. Arabian section codes added.

  2. Section code picker has new category filter.

Feb 25, 2007 Version 3.5.195

  1. Payee name is now printed on invoices in top right area.

  2. USEF lookups for individuals displays new fields:
    Affiliated memberships, Membership Year, Date Searched (if returned from USEF system).

  3. Divisions grid can now be exported to a tab delimited text file.

  4. Invoices now show the print date rather than last invoice update date in top right corner of the invoice.

Jan 26, 2007 Version 3.5.193

  1. Added new breeds.

  2. Corrected spelling for some breeds.

  3. Added warning reminder to manually email results to USEF.

  4. Changing tax status of a global fee will now regenerate invoices if required.

  5. Horses grid now displays horse dormant status.

Dec 9, 2006 Version 3.5.190

  1. Updated USEF section codes as per USEF 2007 specifications

  2. USEF Section picker now defaults to most recently chosen section code instead of jumping to top of list

  3. The help/about screen displays the DBrev level to assist in diagnostics.

Nov 18, 2006 Version 3.5.183

  1. The close multiple classes screen now displays the prize group associated with each class.  This makes it easy to close classes for only a selected list of classes based on their prize group.

Sep 20, 2006 Version 3.5.182

  1. Class sheets now include the Rider's number.

  2. Corrected problem where an error would occur when "Update and New" was clicked in Class editor while on the Judges tab.

  3. Corrected problem where an error would occur under certain circumstances when Jump order editor changes were saved

Mar 22, 2006 Version 3.5.181

  1. HSS is now more tolerant of problems with the USEF database server during USEF validation via the web.

Mar 7, 2006 Version 3.5.180

  1. Updated network support for Windows XP Service Pack 2.

  2. New report added "Reports/Global/Winnings by Payee - all shows". This report displays all prize money awarded based on the payee of the entry (rather than the owner). The report is grouped by year.

Jan 19, 2006 Version 3.5.152

  1. Checks now print show name even on cash checks. Show name now printed in stubs also.

  2. Horse editor rounds to nearest 1/8 inch instead of the nearest 1/4 inch when editing or tabbing through the height in the inches field.

  3. 1099s are now generated based on the actual prize money awarded (excludes add back money) rather than money paid out on prize money checks since some shows don't print prize money checks or apply the prize money against invoices.

  4. Improved the tab order in the Riders tab of entry editor. The first field on the rider tab that gets focus is now the last name filter field.

Oct 30, 2005 Version 3.5.151

  1. Ring scheduler now prints from self serve console.

  2. Jump order editor now displays Type, Height (hands), Sex, Breed of horse.

  3. Added now payment types "PRIZE" and "REFUND" to the selection list for payment types.

  4. Horses grid has new filter for horse name. This augments the existing drop down filter.

  5. The horses, owners, trainers, riders grids now allow ALT-X to be pressed to clear the current filter.

  6. Corrected tool tip in Horse editor that indicated 6 inches per hand instead of 4 inches per hand.

  7. USEF Results export now includes the Horses' "AssocNo" field in USEF Breed Registry field in the export file.

Aug 17, 2005 Version 3.5.148

  1. Circuit points reports now use the "Limit to n" topmost ranked records in the reports.

July 26, 2005 Version 3.5.147

  1. The "Reset" buttons on the owners, riders, horses, trainers grids now respond to an "ALT-E" keyboard shortcut to clear the search filter.
  2. A new report "Entry file cards" has been added to "Reports\Show\Entries" in reports explorer.  This report prints on Avery 5389 laser post cards or equivalent 6x4 file cards.
    For each entry in the current show, a card is printed including: horse, owner, and trainer details and the list of classes the entry is entered into for the current show.

July 24, 2005 Version 3.5.146

  1. The "rider id" number on jump order report has been removed as it was unnecessary.
  2. A problem importing owners in version 3.5.145 has been corrected.
  3. Horse editor now displays height in both hands and inches. You can enter the height in either format.
  4. Show manager has a new field for doing a progressive search by horse name in the "All horses" list in addition to the recently added horse name drop down.

July 12, 2005 Version 3.5.145

  1. The 3 remark lines on the top part of checks have been moved to the right of the payee name and address information to avoid overprinting preprinted information on the check.
  2. Added new USEF section code "6110 - USEF Talent search" to USEF section codes
  3. Added several new horse breeds to breeds list.
  4. Show manager now uses a drop down list to allow selection of the all horses filter by the first character of the horses' name. This dramatically improves performance for databases with a large number of horse records (eg: over 10000 horses).
  5. Horses grid now uses a drop down list to filter horses by the first character of the horses' name. This dramatically improves performance for databases with a large number of horse records.
  6. The old report named "USAE Results report" has been renamed "Grand Prix Jumper Report" to more clearly identify the report's true purpose.
  7. A problem importing classes, divisions, fees, prizes from an earlier show where classes had been deleted but still existed in the ring scheduler has been corrected.

June 6, 2005 Version 3.5.143

  1. Added a new tab to the "People Editor" that displays the person's activity at all shows in the database. Each row in the list displays what the person's activity at the show was (IE: owner, trainer, rider), the show name and date, and the entry number and name.

  2. Added support for scheduling order of go at the class level. A new tab is available in class editor that provides tools and settings for easily defining the start times for each starting position in the class.

  3. Jump order report (Reports\Show\Entries) now displays schedule information.

  4. New reports added under "Reports\Show\Entries\Schedule".

  5. Ring schedule report is now available from new "Reports\Show\Entries\Schedule" folder in reports explorer.

  6. Ring schedule report now lists the number of scratched entries and the net number of entries in the totals for a day/ring. Classes flagged as "Under saddle" are not included in the counts.

  7. The new rider schedule report will highlight riders that are scheduled in events closer than 60 minutes apart. You can change the minutes setting as required.

  8. More room allotted to Rider USEF number on class results report.

  9. New options to hide columns in results editor to allow more room for other columns.

  10. Results editor now highlights scratched entries in red.

  11. Class sheets now list the start time for classes that have a schedule defined.

  12. Class sheets now sort entries by start time and then entry number. If the class doesn't use a schedule then the entries are listed sorted by entry number (as before).

  13. Entry editor now displays the current owner address information when "Payee is owner" is checked. This enhances your ability to proof owner records while editing their entry records.

  14. Corrected problem where division editor would sometimes set the division type to blank when creating a new division.

  15. Corrected problem where reporting would crash if a report viewer window was closed before the report had completed processing.

  16. Corrected problem where "Update and New" in Class editor would occasionally fail.

May 12, 2005 Version 3.5.100

  1. The "File/Import Classes, Divisions, Fees, Prizes" feature now imports the ring schedule.  With this new ability you can easily create a "template" show that includes the schedule.
  2. Added "B" as a selection for "Division rating" in division editor.
  3. Added new class and division type for "Halter".
  4. Added new field to Division editor to record a note to judges to print on division labels.
  5. Score in class results now supports 3 decimal places.
  6. New report available from Show Manager "Rider Summary". This report lists the placings and class entry fees for each rider in the selected entry. Try a RIGHT click on the entry to launch this report.
  7. New report added "Horse breeds in show". Located at Reports\Show\General.
  8. New report added "Judges card division labels". Located at Reports\Show\General.
  9. Classes report updated.
  10. New fields added to a variety of records to provide support for Equine Canada sanctioned shows and FEI shows.
  11. Owners, Trainers, Riders, and Horses grids now list new fields for EC (Equine Canada) and FEI passport numbers.
  12. Equine Canada Class No. field added to class editor and classes grid.
  13. A new checkbox in the show properties named "Hide invoice warnings" lets you turn off the warning that gets printed on the invoice for missing USEF and EC numbers.

April 23, 2005 Version 3.4.228

  1. Added class selection to the two reports “Class entry counts” and “Class entry count - detailed”.

April 21, 2005 Version 3.4.227

  1. Check printing layout has been adjusted slightly to more accurately match the NEBS LT111C layout and NEBS 775 envelope. The checks now print the "Payable To" name directly beside that position on the checks. The name is repeated in the mailing address to correctly show through the window envelope.
  2. Payment entry function has a new selection to allow selection of invoices based on rider. Previously you could select by owner or trainer only.
  3. Payment entry function has a new column that lists the number or riders associated with an entry. 
  4. Payment entry function now only loads owners, trainers and riders into the drop down list if they are associated with an entry in the show.  For multi show databases this reduces the number of people listed in the drop down.
  5. New links on the help and internet menu open your web browser at the HSS web site to check for program updates.

Apr 14, 2005 Version 3.4.225

  1. A new set of points reports are available from reports explorer at:Reports \ Show \ Results \ Points
    The reports operate exactly like the global circuit points reports but are limited to only the currently open show. You still must define the circuit and circuit points divisions as you normally would. Furthermore, you must ensure the show is set to participate in circuit points in the show's settings
  2. The global circuit points reports now show the list of shows that are included in the report and points computations on the cover page.
  3. A new small "X" button is available now in the class editor and division editor to all setting the USEF section number to nothing. You can also manually delete the section numbers to clear the setting.
  4. The results field for "Score" now supports up to 3 decimal places.

Mar 21, 2005 Version 3.4.224

  1. When entering a class filter in the "Classes" tab of the entry editor, classes that have the text you enter in ANY part of the class name will be listed. Previously only classes that BEGAN with the entered text were listed.
  2. New report added "Judges card labels". The labels are similar to class labels, except the labels include the information recorded in a class's "Judge notes" field.
  3. Stall billing report no longer lists a grand total dollar amount or trainer subtotal dollar amount. This is to prevent display of sensitive financial information.
  4. Class results report now lists the show date and location.
  5. Windows XP Networking guide updated.

Feb 11, 2005 Version 3.4.223

  1. Added new report "Attendees by category and association number". The report is located in reports explorer under \Reports\Show\General\. The reports lists Owners, Riders and Trainers that participated in the current show. It further groups each of these categories into people with and without an association number. This report is useful when determining special charges and actions for non association members.
  2. Added new report "USEF Sections". This report lists all the divisions and classes in the show grouped by USEF section. Non-USEF classes and divisions are excluded from the report.
  3. A problem with XP Home and the database restore wizard has been corrected. Previously a "bad folder" name was being logged and the restore failed under certain conditions.

Feb 10, 2005 Version 3.4.222

  1. New "Jump order editor" feature added to the class results screen. Use the jump order editor to easily change the starting order for entries in the class.
  2. Added USEF section code and description to the Divisions grid
  3. Added USEF section code and description to the classes grid
  4. When exporting results to USEF, HSS will now warn you if you attempt to classes or divisions that do not have a USEF section code specified.

Jan 30, 2005 Version 3.4.221

  1. New main menu item named "USEF" has USEF related functions and features.
  2. New USEF Validation feature provides features to compare and update your owner, trainer, rider, and horse records based on the USEF database. This feature uses the internet to obtain up to the minute information from USEF.  The USEF validation screen shows your information AND the USEF information and highlights fields that are different. Fields that are not the same as
    the USEF records can be updated using a button in the highlighted fields.
  3. New USEF tab added to show properties screen for USEF fields.
  4. New field "USEF ZONE" field added to show properties. ZONE Must be filled in to allow submission of results to USEF.
  5. The Horse editor and the People editor have a USEF query button beside the USEF number field. When you click the button, HSS contacts USEF via the internet and retrieves the information for the horse or person. You can optionally copy some of the USEF fields into your records using the "Copy info" button in the query window. This feature requires internet access.
  6. Support added for USEF Sections and submission of electronic results in new 2005 USEF e-results format.
  7. Divisions grid now lists the USEF section assigned to a division.
  8. Classes grid now lists the USEF section assigned to a class.
  9. 1099 management screen now allows export of the 1099 records.
  10. New field added to Division editor to allow assigning a USEF section number to a division. The USEF Section assigned to a division becomes the default section assigned to NEW classes that you create in a division. You can override the USEF section directly in each class. For USEF classes you MUST assign a section code to allow electronic submissions of results to USEF.
  11. New field added to Class editor to allow assigning a USEF section number to a class. For USEF classes you MUST assign a section code to allow electronic submissions of results to USEF.
  12. A Date of Birth field is now recorded for owners and trainers
  13. Fixed problem where change to zip code in checks screen would not save.
  14. The report "Reports \ Global \ Winnings by owner - All shows" now provides a grand total on the last page.
  15. Add new report "Reports \ Show \ Entries \Entries - horse owner trainer rider".  The report lists the name, address and USEF number for owners, trainers, riders associated with each entry. The horse is also listed

Dec 14, 2004 Version 3.4.219

  1. HSS now recomputes all invoices for a show when the nomination fee is changed in the show's settings.
  2. A new button is located beside the USEF number field in horse editor and people editor. This button lets you do a real time lookup of the specified USEF number in the online USEF database. You must be connected to the internet for this to work.
  3. Added new report "Prize recipient mailing labels" in the Show/General folder of reports explorer. A label is printed for each POTENTIAL prize recipient in the show. The addressee is either the name and address of the owner or the alternate payee specified in the show entry records if one is specified.

Aug 02, 2004 Version 3.4.215

  1. Pressing Ctrl-Enter (Update and prompt) in entry editor now saves checkbox fields correctly.
  2. Problem where CPU utilization would go to 100% and make HSS appear to freeze when scrolling to end of classes list in Show Manager corrected with IGUltraGrid20.ocx build 053
  3. Added the horses USEF number and the owners USEF number to entry results report
  4. Class sheets now display print date AND print time.
  5. Fees by trainer report now lists fees across top and entries
  6. Invoice balances by owner and Invoice balances by trainer reports now totalize
    for each group.
  7. Credit card payment types for credit cards in payment entry drop downs are no longer prefixed with "CC-" to make data entry more efficient.

June 30, 2004 Version 3.4.211

  1. Fixed problem importing divisions, classes, fees, and prize groups.
  2. SQL queries now removing leading blank lines to prevent a query error.

June 24, 2004 Version 3.4.210

  1. Ring scheduler report now supports multiple rings on the same day with the same name but that start at different times. Although this is not recommended the report will now correctly print the ring schedule. Normally you should define only the true rings. When you need to have a new start time in the ring, simply drag in the new "Time" tag or sufficient break tags to set the next starting time in the ring.
  2. Fixed a problem where fee editor would not save a fee amount greater than $0.00
  3. Added more horse breeds
  4. You can now delete all payments from the payments grid for an entry.
  5. When entering payments in entry editor, the column order in the payments grid has changed slightly. Default values are automatically inserted for the payment when you begin entering the amount of the payment.
  6. The "Pay From" field in Entry editor's payment grid is now a drop down combo that lets you select from owner, trainer, or alternate prize payee for the entry if one has been specified OR you can type in the payer name if desired.

June 20, 2004 Version 3.4.209

  1. In Entry editor / Classes tab, you can now enter the name of the class in the class name filter text. When you press the "Enter" key, the entry will be entered into all the matching classes.
  2. Class sheets show riders name as first / last name instead of last/first.
  3. Class sheets now print sponsor and judge notes if entered for a class.
    Class sheets now print the trainer's barn name.
  4. Class verification printouts now display the class name and number instead of the old "competition information".
  5. Corrected inability to create a new show if the HSS telephone number for program is longer than 20 characters.
  6. Mailing label alignment moved vertically down 1 line.
  7. Added support for importing owners, trainers, and riders from an EMG Dataflex database. Although built into HSS, this feature requires assistance from Timeslice.
  8. Removed obsolete checkbox column in divisions grid.
  9. Circuit points settings added to "Data" menu.
  10. Invoices now print a warning message when the Horse USEF No. or Owner USEF no. or Payee federal number is missing.
  11. Billing address placement on invoices moved slightly to fit window envelopes.
  12. Report change: "Entries by Division" has new columns "Entries under saddle" and "Net entries" in each division to assist in computing the number of trips.
  13. Mail records now let you create mailing list records for a single show instead of all shows. The Mail records feature provides the ability to export the record list to Microsoft Excel. You can use Microsoft office products to do mail merges and labels.
  14. Invoice balances by entry report now lists prize money applied to invoices.
  15. New report: Invoice balances by owner - sorts and totalizes by owner.
  16. New report: Invoice balances by trainer - sorts and totalizes by trainer.
  17. New report: Fees by trainer - entry comparison. The report summarizes the fees charged to each entry for a trainer in a cross-tab table. Select this report from show manager by right clicking on an entry. You can also select the report from reports explorer to see the report for all trainers.
  18. New report: Attendees at show - Lists owners, trainers, riders participating in current show (Reports / Show / General)
  19. New report: Attendees at show (Labels) - print mailing labels for owners, trainers, riders that
    participated in current show. (Reports / Show / General). Uses Avery 5262 labels or equivalent.
  20. Ring scheduler now respects setting to show/hide times when printed from reports explorer
  21. Self serve console has a new "Classes" tab. Users can view class information and print results for a selected class.
  22. Report change: Show analysis report and Show analysis report (summarized) now include prize money credited against an entry's invoice.
  23. Report change: Check reconcile report now groups and summarizes by check.
  24. Report change: Suspect payee tax numbers report now groups by Payee and displays the prize amount. Entries that do not have prize money are now excluded from the report.
  25. Checks: Option to print mailing labels instead of checks from checks function.
  26. Import divisions, classes, fees, prizes now displays the date of the shows in the show selection drop down.
  27. New database restore from backup featureuses a wizard interface to restore HSS databases from a previous backup.  Users can see the shows that are in the archived database prior to restoring to ensure they are restoring the correct database.  The source location can be any drive / folder containing a zip file with a valid HSS.MDB file in it.  The destination to restore to can be any PC on the LAN that has HSS installed and up to date.  The destination folder can be the default folder or a new folder.  If the destination exists, HSS automatically makes a backup of the current folder contents and places the HSSbackup.zip file in the Backups folder on the target machine.
  28. Checks now display the show name under the payee address as well as entry number and name.
  29. Classes can now be deleted using the new "Delete" button in class editor.  Classes cannot be deleted if the class is closed or contains any show entries.
  30. Divisions can now be deleted using the new "Delete" button in division editor.  Divisions cannot be deleted if the division contains any classes.
  31. Support added to export raw check data in fixed length field format from the checks screen. (North Carolina state uses this format).  All checks are exported except voided checks.
  32. Support added to export raw check data in tab delimited field format from the checks screen.  All checks are exported except voided checks.
  33. Fee editor now allows you to put a negative amount in as the default amount for a global fee. This allows setting up a "credit" type of fee.
  34. Fee editor has new up/down control to increment decrement quantity.
  35. Fee editor warns of adding a credit fee with a non-zero quantity is attempted.
  36. Show manager right click on entry has new "Open" entry options for jumping directly to an entry's various information tabs: Classes, Fees, Payments, Riders.
  37. Entry editor's Fees grid has a new column "QtyChange". A number entered in this column is added to the current quantity for the fee. This allows you to easily increase (or decrease with a negative value) the current quantity of the fee without having to do the math. Great for fees like "Shavings" where you need to continually update the quantity throughout the show.

Mar 14, 2004 Version 3.4.207

  1. Corrected minor problem with horse height not always rounding correctly
  2. Jumper level field for classes now supports additional selections: R,N,I for "Regional, National, International" in addition to 0 through 9.
  3. Improved the behaviour of the drop downs in entry editor.
  4. When adding entries, entry editor will now default the trainer selection to the same as the owner IF the owner is also a trainer.
  5. When adding entries, entry editor will default the rider selection to the owner in the "Riders" tab if the owner is also a rider.
  6. When adding entries, entry editor will default the horse to the owner's first horse in the owners list of horses assuming the owner has any horses.
  7. Classes have two new fields "Sponsor text" and "Judge note". These fields are printed on the class sheets.
  8. Corrected spelling of Holsteiner breed.
  9. Class sheets now print the Class "Sponsor text" and "Judge Note" fields for the class
  10. If open, the owners, trainers, and horses grids refresh when you create new records
    in the people editor.

Mar 11, 2004 Version 3.4.206

  1. Added several new horse breeds
  2. Changed drop down validator in results screen to handle "no rider" for an entry.

Mar 2, 2004 Version 3.4.205

  1. Added several new horse breeds
  2. People editor now lets you edit the "Barn" for trainers
  3. Exclude from email and Dormant checkboxes now saved in people editor
  4. Last edit date now saved in people editor
  5. Added new buttons to people editor: Update and Close, Update and New
  6. USEF export now warns you if you are not exporting any divisions or any classes
  7. USEF export now gives you option to include cancelled classes (default=yes)
  8. USEF export now gives you option to include classes that have no entries (default=yes
  9. Added new class types. Supported class types are now:
    Hunter, Jumper, Equitation, Dressage, Western, Saddlebred
  10. Fixed minor problem in compact circuit points report heading.
  11. Compact circuit points lists a rider
  12. Suspect payee tax number report now sorts by entry number instead of name.
  13. Improved readability of "Winnings by division" report
  14. Mail records now has ability to export the mail list records to Microsoft Excel.
  15. Entry results report for selected entry now lists division results as well as class results. This report is selected from show manager from the reports menu or by right clicking on an entry.

Feb 15, 2004 Version 3.4.202

  1. Fixed problem with the sort order of CASH checks in check printing screen.
  2. Corrected problem where day were printed out of order in ring schedule report.
  3. You can now specify a time earlier than 8:00am for each day in ring scheduler. Set the staring time on the "Days & Rings" tab in ring scheduler on the days grid
  4. Classes grid within Division Editor has a new checkbox column "Under Saddle".
  5. Stall billing report now bolds the subtotals
  6. Stall billing report summarizes the amount billed
  7. 1099 grid now returns to currently selected record after editing a record.
  8. Invoices now only list results in classes where the entry placed. This is to reduce the amount of paper and toner used for invoices.
  9. Canceling a class from Competition results editor's actions menu now sets "Cancelled" flag.
  10. Changing the "Cancelled" flag (IE: Checkbox) in Competition results editor now removes all entries from a class and voids any checks that may have been issued for the class.
  11. Added new Global report "Winnings by owner - All shows". Note this report does not include add-back money paid, ONLY prize money won.
  12. Saving class results now forces an invoice update for all entries in a class ensuring that results and add back information is correctly shown on invoices.
  13. Owner's can now have a blank first name. This allows the use of the "Last name" field for a Company name without having to enter any first name.
  14. Added a new checkbox to Show properties editor lets you select whether or not blank addresses will be permitted when editing Owner, Trainer, Rider records.
  15. Leading and trailing spaces are removed from name and address fields when they are edited for owners, riders, and trainers.
  16. The main show record has new fields "Prov/State" and "Country". These are the province or state and country where the show is taking place. When adding owners, riders, trainers the corresponding address fields will default to these values.
  17. Changed "Stalls by trainer" report to sort by entry number.
  18. New unified "person" editor.Owners, riders and trainers are all edited on a single form now. You can create all three records at the same time.
  19. HSS will attempt to bind your owner and riders together when the upgrade runs. It will consider the person to be the same person if an owner was also a rider in an entry or the last name and USEF numbers are the same.
  20. Added new class type "WESTERN"
  21. Added new field for divisions "First over fences class". This field is used to record which class in the division is the first over fences. Not all division types need this, however it is required for USEF Division results reporting.
  22. Added two new checkboxes to divisions: "This is a USEF division" and "This is an AQHA division"
  23. Divisions grid now lists First Over Fences class, USEF flag and AQHA flag.
  24. Division results report now lists the first over fences class and the number of entries in the FOF class. This is useful for the USEF Hunter increment report.
  25. Added new filter field and controls to the "All horses" list in show manager. Use this field to restrict (Search) for a horse that matches the name you specify. The field is progressive, so the list will adjust as you type. Also, the first horse that matches the name you type is highlighted in the grid. Pressing the ENTER key will open the entry editor pre-populated with that horse's information. Use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the other entries in the list (if any).
  26. When entering class results, you can now use a plus sign instead of commas between the entry numbers. This facilitates entry on a keypad.
  27. USEF Results export now includes division results. The number of entries in the division is based on the number of entries in the "First over Fences" class selected for the division.  If no FOF class is selected, then the first class in the division based on class number is assumed to be the FOF class.
  28. New field "BREED" added to horse records. HSS includes a list of common breeds.
  29. Horses grid list new "Breed" field.
  30. Horses report lists new Breed field.
  31. Results reports (Hunter, Jumper, Class) show breed for horse (if known).
  32. Class sheets show the horse's breed if known.

Jan 22, 2004 Version 3.3.107

  1. Added new button in the 1099 print form that lets you apply the current "Payer" fields as defined for the current show to ALL 1099 records.

Jan 11, 2004 Version 3.3.106

  1. CASH checks now print the class description on the check face
  2. The 1099 printing screen now allows you to update all 1099 records with a new "Payer Federal ID" field.
  3. The 1099 printing screen has a new column that displays the "Payer Federal ID" field.

Nov 6, 2003 Version 3.3.105

  1. Improved check printing to allow printing hundreds of cheques at a time.
  2. Added choice in classes view in show manager to show entries or not.
  3. Boosted performance of classes grid in show manager

Nov 5, 2003 Version 3.3.104

  1. Show Manager's "Classes" tab has a powerful new explorer type grid that lets you drill down and view the entries in each class and the riders for each entry.
  2. Added new report "Jumper money with add back". This report lists the amount of prize money AND add back money awarded to each entry in each Jumper class.
  3. Class results report now uses landscape mode by default.
  4. Stall billing report lists all fee codes beginning with STALL even if the quantity is zero. This change reverts the report back to the old style by popular demand.
  5. Class editor now "trims" leading spaces from the class name.

Oct 29, 2003 Version 3.3.103

  1. Jump order report no longer lists scratched entries. Jump order numbering is adjusted on the report to account for scratched entries.
  2. New report "Class entry counts - detailed" added.
  3. New report "Entries not entered in any classes" added.
  4. The four reports "Show entries by XXX" now list the classes where an entry has scratched with a strike-through. This is a line through the class number. This allows you to easily see the classes entered and the ones the entry has scratched in.

Oct 27, 2003 Version 3.3.102

  1. Horse name now wraps to a new line on class sheets if the name is extremely long
  2. Checks now print the entry number and name on the checks and stubs.
  3. Eliminated problem where a maximum of 20 checks could be printed at a time.

Oct 26, 2003 Version 3.3.101

  1. Added "Jumper Level" column to classes grid in division editor.
  2. Corrected problem where first cash check run in a show caused EOF error.

Oct 23, 2003 Version 3.3.100

  1. Division editor now handles the error when a user attempts to create a new division using a division number that already exists more gracefully. Simply put in a new unique division number and save again.
  2. Using "Update and New" in class editor is now more efficient.
  3. Classes grid in Division editor now lists Class entry fee, Nomination required, and Prize description.
  4. Added new "Clear server event log" function to File menu. This deletes all entries in the error and information event log that HSS maintains.
  5. SQL Query now permits action queries (Update, Delete)
  6. Updated class import to handle sibling (IE: Double judged) class import which was broken after version 3.2.64.
  7. Show licensing is now more liberal. Only entries that are entered in a class are counted against the show license. You can have as many horses entered in the show as desired - only when they are entered into a class is the entry counted.
  8. Show manager now displays the entry count in the status bar. The entry count represents the number of entries that are actually entered into at least one class in the show.
  9. Grouping on Add Back Paid report now adds a space after entries with only one class so they do not appear as part of the subtotals of other entries with multiple add back classes listed.
  10. Check printing now consolidates each entry's prize money into a single check. This reduces the number of checks required to about 1/4 the number required previously.
  11. Checks now print in ascending alphabetical order by the "Payable to" name.
  12. Checks show remittance advice for each prize amount / class if room permits.
  13. Class entry count report has two new columns "Scratched Entries", and "Net entries".

Oct 10, 2003 Version 3.2.66

  1. Corrected problem where division results report listed judges from all shows instead of just the current show.
  2. Corrected problem saving add back settings for classes
  3. Stall billing report (Reports \ Show \ Entries) now skips stall fees where the quantity to help reduce the size of the report..

Oct 7, 2003 Version 3.2.63

Support added for "Sibling classes":
Sibling classes let you have a "master" class and one or more classes with the same properties that are related to the master class - in other words a "group" of classes. When a horse is entered into the master class it is also entered into ALL the sibling classes that are related to the master class.

With this feature you can easily manage double judged classes as well as triple and quadruple judged classes with total flexibility on a class by class basis. HSS numbers the sibling classes using the same class number as the master class with a .1, .2, .3 etc. appended to the end of the class number.
EG: Master class=200, then sibling classes would be 200.1, 200.2, 200.3 ...

Considerations with sibling classes:

  1. HSS will attempt to add / scratch an entry from all siblings when an entry is entered into / scratched from a class. Under some circumstances HSS will not scratch an entry from a sibling class. EG: if results have been posted to the sibling class
  2. Class entry fees are used for each sibling. Therefore the total amount billed will be the entry fee multiplied by the number of siblings (including the base class). So if you have the base class and one sibling, and the Base class entry fee is $25.00, then the amount billed will be 2 x $25.00 = $50.00.
  3. Prizes are computed and awarded in the normal way for EACH of the siblings (and master) in the group.
  4. Results are entered for each sibling.
  5. When entering into a group of sibling classes, simply enter the base class number. There is NO need to specify the sibling class numbers. HSS will enter the entry into all the related classes.
  6. The invoice will list each sibling in the group.
  7. Results and points will be computed on EACH of the siblings in the group. In other words, the sibling classes are treated just like regular classes

Other changes

  1. In Backup function, "Purge deleted records" and "Compact" are now checked by default.
  2. Run repair utility removed from backup function - no longer relevant o New flag in Owner / Trainer / Rider records to exclude them from being added to mailing list records o New field to record AQHA number in Owner, Trainer, Rider, Horse records
  3. New field "Created date" in Owner, Trainer, Rider, Horse records. This is the date the record was created.
  4. New field "Last edit date" in Owner, Trainer, Rider, Horse records. This field records the last time the record was updated
  5. The details of payment are no longer printed on the check portion of checks. This was interfering with some MICR encoding for some users. This information is printed in the check stub anyway.
  6. Fixed a problem where check amounts were $0.00 when "Show prizes on invoices" was checked.
  7. New checkbox in class editor for "Class is an AQHA class".
  8. New date filter in import riders/owner/trainers/horses allow you to limit the records imported from another HSS database to only those that have actually been active in a show on or after a specified date.
  9. New function on DATA menu - PURGE RECORDS. Use this feature to delete horse, owner, rider, and trainers from your database that are not used or have not been recently updated. You can select what to delete.
  10. Records that match your deletion settings are listed in a grid so you can review them before deletion (or cancel deletion of the records).
  11. Ring schedule now updates the competition date field automatically so that class results report lists the actual date as per the ring schedule date.
  12. Shows can now have an unlimited number of show judges defined.
  13. Classes let you record the judge(s) that are judging the class.
  14. Competitions report now uses a more useful group list in the viewer.
  15. Classes grid lets you show or hide sibling classes
  16. Class editor lets you assign judges to the class and its siblings
  17. Added a new report "Judges" in the Show\General folder. This report lists the show's classes grouped by the judges that are judging the classes.
  18. Class results report now lists only those judges assigned to each class rather than all judges assigned to the show.
  19. USAE results e-submission now records the judges assigned to each class rather than just listing the show judges.
  20. Added new field "AQHA number" to show record.
  21. Scoreboard export now exports fields Entry Number, Horse name, Owner, Rider
  22. You can enter a list of classes with commas or spaces between them in the add / scratch field in the class selected when editing an entry and then press + or - to add or scratch the entry in the classes listed
  23. The "Classes" tab in entry editor lets you specify the default rider that will be assigned to new classes you enter the entry into. The riders listed are the riders listed in the riders tab of the entry.
  24. When the classes tab of entry editor is activated, the cursor focus is in the add / scratch field.
  25. The Payments tab in entry editor now displays and allows editing of the payment date.
  26. Printing fees list from fees grid now displays "Fees" in title
  27. Added judges to results.
  28. Class results report will now print "No Results Available" if the class has
    no entries.
  29. Show editor will no longer allow you to enter judge records with blank names

Sep 16, 2003 Version 3.2.40

  1. Added "B" to list of show types in show editor
  2. Updated networking guides to cover Windows XP and Windows 2000
  3. Classes grid now displays jumper level for each class.

July 15, 2003 Version 3.2.39

  1. Suspect federal numbers (IE: SSN) report now excludes show entries flagged as barn accounts.

July 8, 2003 Version 3.2.38

  1. Stall billing report displays quantity expressed to 4 decimal places instead 2.
  2. Horse's height in hands is now listed on class sheets.
  3. Corrected sporadic problem with runtime error 5 when exiting show manager
  4. Stall billing report moved from "Financial" to "Entries" report folder.

July 2, 2003 Version 3.2.37

  1. Horse and owner names wrap instead of truncate on "Show entries By" reports.
  2. Fixed problem with "Add Owner as rider" not creating new rider record regression.
  3. Added warning if user enters class and division fees of $0.00.
  4. Improved paging in class sheets to keep entries from breaking across pages.
  5. Added new report "Entries with suspect tax numbers" to help find entries with missing SSN numbers.
  6. Fixed internet send problem where show might fail to upload if extremely long names were used
  7. Added Password security on reports in the financial subgroup. Define the password  in the show's properties. Users will need to know the password to access any report in the "Financial" subgroup of reports.
  8. Added division rating field for future use
  9. Added show rating drop down selector to show settings for future use.

June 11, 2003 Version 3.2.36

  1. Refined the all horses list in show manager so that the entry count column only lists the number of times the horse is entered in the current show rather than all shows.
  2. Corrected problem with "Update and New" button in class editor.
  3. Self service console now lets users print the ring schedule.
  4. Problem resolved when trying to upload results when HSS was installed to a non-default folder with spaces in the name.

June 1, 2003 Version 3.2.34

  1. Added new button "Add Trainer" when adding riders to an entry to allow adding the trainer as a rider. This creates a new rider record based on the trainer's record if one doesn't already exist.
  2. Fixed minor problem selecting output folder for USAE results export.
  3. Show manager has a new window "pane" with a list of all known horses. You can add a new entry with some of the fields pre-filled by selecting a horse from this list - double click or use the "Add as new entry" button.  The new list shows the number of entries the horse is in and highlights horses already entered in green.
  4. Fixed problem where new divisions could not be created if the description contained a single quote.

May 26, 2003 Version 3.2.32

  1. Payments screen now makes sure amounts are rounded to 2 decimal points internally.
  2. Prize group drop down in class editor now lists first 8 prize amounts in addition to prize group number and description.
  3. Checks now list either "On file" or "Unknown" for the "Federal number" field on the check stub. This is to hide the actual SSN for security reasons. The word "Unknown" is listed if the payee's SSN is blank in the check payment information.
  4. New filter ability in the report viewer lets you dynamically apply filters to the report.
  5. You can now cancel process of "Owner is Rider" when the duplicate owner selector screen pops up in entry editor when adding the entry's owner as the rider.
  6. Show authorization code is trimmed of leading and trailing spaces when saved.
  7. Horse editor now accepts height expressed in HANDS rather than in inches. You no longer enter height in inches but in Hands. There are four inches in one hand.
    The correct format to use for entry is: hh.i-nn/dd where hh=hands, i=inches, nn/dd=fraction of an inch.
    Example: 42-1/4 inches expressed in hands would be 10.2-1/4
  8. New field "Measurement Card Number" added to horse editor and records.
  9. The horses grid has a new column to display the horse's height in hands. The existing column that displayed the height in inches is still in the grid so you can see the height in both inches and the traditional measurement by hands.
  10. New field in Class editor "Jumper level" for jumper classes
  11. New checkbox field in Class editor "Class is a USA Equestrian class"
  12. Division results report now lists the judge names and the show dates and location
  13. Horses report lists horse height in hands
  14. New field added to results entry screen for SCORE.
  15. Class results report lists new SCORE field from results.
  16. New field "USA Equestrian number" added to show record
  17. New fields for up to 6 judges with first and last name added to show record
  18. New export function on data menu to export class entries to files for scoreboard use.
  19. Added "Show Analysis Summarized" report. Same as longer version without the details.
  20. New export function on data menu to export results to USA Equestrian.

    Note the following:

    1. HSS currently only supports scores for a single judge
    2. Horse, rider and owner affiliate numbers are not currently supported.
    3. Dressage score and percentage are output as zero. Support will be added soon.
    4. Cancelled classes are listed with an entry count of 0 as per USAE specs.
    5. REVIEW YOUR DATA FILE BEFORE SENDING TO USA EQUESTRIAN.  The export feature it is brand new and may not be appropriate for your specific show  or discipline.  To ensure you are reporting YOUR data correctly you must review the file to ensure it is correct.  Use Notepad or Microsoft Excel to view the .dat file.

Feb 17, 2003 Version 3.2.21

  1. HSS now handles drag and drop correctly when both mouse buttons are pressed simultaneously in ring scheduler.
  2. Print engine and all reports upgraded to version 9.0

Feb 17, 2003 Version 3.2.16

  1. Class results rider pull down now works correctly when multiple shows are in the same database.
  2. HSS Server enforces more rigorous checking of entry riders
  3. Fixed problem where reports could not be printed on Windows XP Home systems that had a share on the local drive.

Feb 9, 2003 Version 3.2.14

  1. US Equestrian number is now displayed in horse drop down selector in entry editor
  2. New checkbox field "Exclude from circuit points" added to each entry. This field defaults to OFF. An entry with this field checked will NOT be included in the circuit points reports.

Feb 2, 2003 Version 3.2.12

  1. Owner, Trainer, Rider, and Horses grids now stay synchronized to the same record after editing.
  2. New button added to entry editor lets you edit a rider record directly from the entry's riders tab.
  3. New bulk editing grids added for Owners, Trainers, and Riders.  These grids let you edit most fields in a spreadsheet style. Use the "Grid Edit" button from the usual lookup grids to access this new feature. 

Feb 1, 2003 Version 3.2.10

  1. Corrected problem on "Classes" report where jumper classes were not displayed as jumper classes.
  2. Added ability to choose sort order by finish place in ascending or descending order for "Class Results" report.
  3. Class results report now sorts on class number rather than class name.
  4. Added "Barn name" field to trainer grid.
  5. Fixed problems where date and time changes for days in ring scheduler would not always save.

Jan 26, 2003 Version 3.2.9

  1. Division fees are now always printed on invoices even if the division fee is $0.00.
  2. If you specify a division entry fee of $0.00 a warning prompt will occur explaining this could be dangerous. Remember that if an entry enters all classes in a division then HSS will invoice for the Division entry fee INSTEAD of each individual class entry fee. 

Jan 20, 2003 Version 3.2.8

  1. Added new field "Barn" to trainer records to identify the name of the barn the trainer is associated with.
  2. Added new column "Trainer Barn" to show manager's list of entries. You can click this new column to sort all the same barn's entries together.

Jan 16, 2003 Version 3.2.7

  1. Fixed EOF/BOF crash after changing name of horse in horse editor
  2. Changed CTRL-ENTER to CTRL+ENTER on button in Entry Editor
  3. Changed prompt "Entry number to read" to "Entry number" in entry open dialogue.
  4. Added stall number assigned to each entry to Stall billing report.
  5. Correct minor field alignment problem in show property editor.

Jan 11, 2003 Version 3.2.6

  1. Corrected calculation of number of hands in horse editor screen. 1 hand = 4 inches.
  2. Corrected problems with "Show entries by..." reports not sorting as expected and not printing correct title.
  3. Show manager now places a checkmark in the "Invoiced" column after an invoice is printed for an entry from show manager.
  4. Un-checking the "Include show in circuit points" in a show's properties now removes the show from the circuit points reports and circuit explorer.
  5. Class results report now correctly allows selection of classes to report on in reports explorer.
  6. Trainer/Exhibitor, Rider entries, Jump Order reports now list the correct page x of y at the bottom of the report.
  7. Jump order report now allow selection of classes to print in reports explorer
  8. Rider labels margins increased slightly to accommodate a wider range of printer drivers.

Nov 12, 2002 Version 3.2.4

  1. Correct display of "hands" height in horse record editor

Nov 12, 2002 Version 3.2.4

  1. Fixed problem printing Division explorer grid not printing anything.
  2. Fixed problem with Ctrl-Enter generating binding errors when alternate payee information missing in show entry.
  3. HSS no longer makes you enter CLOSE when manually closing a class
  4. Added a Save and Close button to class results form.
  5. Added rider to division results (all division types) report.
  6. Added new Compact circuit points report.
  7. Reports are launched from the new Reports explorer window.
  8. Some reports have parameters that can be selected.
  9. Corrected problem during import of divisions
  10. New flag available in an entry's list of entered classes to allow marking the entry as "scratched" in the class. In this case the entry will still be included in billing and most reports. The entry will NOT be included in class sheets.
  11. Added new report "Billing by trainer". The report lets you filter based on the first characters to find in the fee code. Using this feature you can restrict the billing report to specific sets of fee codes.
  12. Numerous changes to add detailed support for circuit points
  13. Added support for circuit divisions. Circuit divisions allow a global grouping of divisions
  14. Show divisions now nave a "type" associated with them
  15. Riders must now be recorded in the new division results form
  16. Points are defined for each circuit division
  17. Added new "Show end date" field to show properties
  18. Divisions grid in show manager now displays the winning rider
  19. Entry editor now keeps you on same tab when using the "Update and Prompt" feature.
  20. Division grids now display the division type
  21. Division editor has new feature to create a circuit division based on the show division being edited.
  22. Division editor required you to specify the division type
    Circuit editor’s "Division Explorer" tab now lists the ENTRIES in each Circuit division / Show / Show division / Class.
  23. Circuit editor gives you a complete overview of the circuit. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the toolbar in circuit editor.
  24. HSS will make a "best guess" in terms of assigning the winning rider  to show divisions. The guess is based on which riders won in classes in a division. You may have to manually edit division results to select the correct winning rider in a division.

July 29, 2002 - Version 3.1.53

  1. Added new report to show manager “Stall billing report for current trainer”.   Right click on the entry and select the report from the popup menu OR from the reports menu in show manager.
  2. Hunter, Jumper, Equitation results reports and Jumper money report all include both the show name and show description in the report headers.
  3. Added new global report: “Equitation points” which lists points totals for riders / classes in all shows of current database grouped by division name.  Riders are listed in each division in descending order of total points
  4. Added new global report: “Hunter points” which lists points totals for horses / classes in all shows of current database grouped by division name. Horses are listed in each division in descending order of total points
  5. Added new global report: “Jumper points” which lists points totals AND money won for horses / classes in all shows of current database grouped by division name. Horses are listed in each division in descending order of total points
  6. Added new global report: “Jumper money” which lists money totals AND points totals won for horses / classes in all shows of current database grouped by division name. Horses are listed in each division in descending order of total points
  7. Prize money can be printed on invoices – modify show properties accordingly
  8. Prize money can be applied to invoices as a credit amount – modify show properties accordingly
  9. Invoices optionally display class results
  10. Invoices will either say “Please Pay:” or “Refund Due:” depending on net amount due on invoice.
  11. A problem with the “Change show properties screen” taking a long time to open has been corrected.
  12. Cheques display the type of cheque: either “PRIZE” or “REFUND”.
  13. You can NOT create CASH cheque if running in “Apply prize money to invoices” mode.
  14. Fixed bug with bulk class closing function that may have prevented classes from closing.
  15. Invoices grid now correctly filters out invoices with a $0.00 balance.
  16. A warning is now issued if you attempt to change the sort order of cheques in the cheque printing form.  This is to help avoid problems when printing and auto-numbering cheques.
  17. Added and scratching classes via the + and – keys in the classes tab in the entry editor will now warn you if the class specified doesn’t exist or if (when scratching) the entry was not entered in the class you are attempting to scratch them in.
  18. A new button “Save and Prompt for Entry” on entry editor allows you to save the current entry and immediately input the next entry number you want to edit.  You can also immediately jump to this button with a CTRL-ENTER keystroke.  This makes it very easy to jump from entry to entry without going back to show manager.

Notes on prize money applied to invoices

  1. Prize money / results will only be shown and applied to invoices after a class is CLOSED.  Do not expect to see results on invoices until you close the classes the entry is entered into.
  2. A new field is used with cheques to indicate the actual cheque amount versus the prize amount awarded. 
  3. When applying prizes against invoices the cheque amount paid will be the net winnings AFTER the winnings have been first used to credit the invoice.
  4. You will notice that in “Apply prizes to invoices” mode, you will still see “PRIZE” type cheque records in the cheques grid, however the “Chk Amount” field will be $0.00.  The “Prize” field will still reflect the prize amount the entry has won.  1099 / Tax reporting still uses this amount regardless of refund cheques issued.
  5. When a show is running in “Apply prized to invoices” mode:
    1. the cheque printing system will create “REFUND” cheques and update the “Cheque amount” payable when you open the cheque printing manager.  ONLY cheques that are NOT already marked as “printed” will be updated.  Existing REFUND cheques (if any) that are marked as printed but have an incorrect amount will be marked as VOID.
    2. You can only access the check printing manager if ALL classes are closed.  This also implies therefore that you must close all classes before any refund cheques can be created and issued.  This is fair since you really don’t know what the refunded amount will be until all prizes are awarded and therefore applied to invoices.
    3. You should avoid issuing refund cheques until you are absolutely sure you will not be editing any fees, payments or other things that might modify invoices.  Refund cheques are based on credit balances on invoices.  Change any invoice amounts and you will have sent the wrong refund amount.
  6. Cheques now have a “Type” field to indicate if the amount is a refund or a prize payout.  Refund cheques are created when you have configure the show to “Apply prize money to invoices”.  The refund amount is the net refund due after applying payments and prize money to invoices.  Their may or may not be a check depending on how much money an entry has won and their payments and fees.
  7. Changing the prize money award scheme after starting a show is not recommended for obvious reasons.